Money Saving Sundays: This Weeks Top Kids & Pets Deals, Coupons, and More!

Introducing “Money Saving Sundays.” I thought it’d be fun to help other thrifty shoppers out there do some money saving. So, every Sunday I’ll supply you with awesome deals and coupons for kids and pets. Plus, you may even find a glitch or two posted. 

All of the information posted below was valid as of Money Saving Sunday, February 19, 2017. I can’t guarantee availability or accuracy. For any concerns you’re going to want to contact the company offering the deal.

Alright, now that all of the legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way. Who is ready for some money saving fun?!

If you know of any money saving tips, tricks, offers, or whatever saves us money – let us know in the comment section below! You never know who you may help out.

Money Saving Sundays

Money Saving Sundays

Money Saving For Pets

Money Saving Coupons

Money Saving Offers

Get 14% off your Pooch Perks Box with code RUFF14!

Kurgo is having a cyber sale right now. Everything is 40% off!

Right now at HealthyPets.Com you can get 20% off dental products with the code SOFRESH.

Only Natural Pet is having a President’s Day Sale. You can get 30% off your order with code USAMADE. This is valid until 03/20/2017.

Entirely Pets pretty much has a sale going on year round. You can get up to 80% off pet products.

EntirelyPets Daily Deal - A new deal daily
Pets Warehouse is another great place to buy for your pet. Most of their products are 50% off retail!

PetSmart also has a current offer. You get free shipping on orders that are over $19!

Plus, keep an ear out. A little birdie told me soon that they’ll offer free shipping with no minimum!

Money Saving For The Kids


Ok, so Filly Flair has some super duper cute kids clothes. Plus, their prices are already pretty low. Right now you can get $5 off your $50 order. You just use the code FILLY5 at checkout. You can actually stock up on quite a bit with 50 bucks. Plus, they have super cute outfits like the one below.


Crazy 8 always has CRAZY good offers! Right now they are offering FREE SHIPPING with absolutely no minimum!

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!
Plus, Crazy 8 is having an awesome President’s Day Sale right now! A lot of their items are up to 80% off! Plus, add in that free shipping. That’s a steal.

Here’s another little tip.. use the code PRES15 at checkout and get another 15% off your order! But, that offer ends tomorrow! (2/20/17)



I didn’t find any great glitches, yet. But, make sure you’re following me on social media. Because, if I come across any, I’ll post them there!

Cricut Machines: The Ultimate Buying Guide For Beginners

** This post may contain affiliate links. This simply means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the following links I may receive a small compensation from it. This is what keeps dogs kids running!

Are you thinking about buying a Cricut machine? But, are you kind of worried about the initial investment? Let me tell you, that initial investment is worth it. But, don’t jump right in. Do your research. 

Are you considering buying a Cricut? I know the initial cost may make your chest hurt. You’re probably questioning if it’s worth the investment. Let me be the first to tell you: yes, yes, yes! The Cricut is an investment that in the end, even if you don’t use it for profit, really pays for its self.

Why My Cricut Machine Was An Awesome Investment

  • I live in the South. People in the South LOVE monograms. The Cricut machine makes it easy to almost monogram anything. So, if you want to make a little side cash, this is the perfect option. Especially if you’re a southern girl like me!
  • It’s fun. You get to design your own designs to put on whatever the heck you want to!
  • You’re going to save money on presents. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, a birthday, graduation, whatever the occasion. With the Cricut you can make really meaningful gifts without going out and spending your paycheck.

But, before you go out making your initial purchase, make sure you have your ducks in a row. Take this advice from someone who had her ducks in a lot of different ponds. I went out and spent over $600 on my initial Cricut investment. I didn’t even read what came in the box! Don’t make my same mistakes, please. By doing your research your going to save time, money, and a lot of needless headaches.

Cricut Machines

What You SHOULD Do When Buying A Cricut Machine

  • Try and figure out exactly why you’re buying it. What kind of things are you wanting to create? This will help you make sure you have all the right tools and materials. It will help you save time.
  • Research each machine. There are different versions of the Cricut machine. See what each machine offers. Make sure that it fits your needs.
  • If you buy a bundle from a store, check the contents. Without knowing the bundle contents you may end up buying things that are already included in the bundle. You may need extra down the road. But, right now, I recommend saving that money for the material you’re going to need to create your projects.

So, currently on the market there are many different versions of the Cricut machine. You have the Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air One, and Cricut Explore Air 2. I personally have the Cricut Explore Air 2.

Comparing The 4 Different Cricut Machine Versions

  • The Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air, and Cricut Explore Air 2 all have a double tool holder.
  • The Cricut Explore One has a single tool holder. Meaning it can not write, cut, or score in one step like the other versions.
  • All of the machines have a Bluetooth compatibility.
  • The Cricut Explore Air and Cricut Explore Air 2 have their Bluetooth capability built inside the machine.
  • The Cricut Explore and Cricut Explore Air One require that you have a Cricut Bluetooth Adapter in order to use the Bluetooth capability.
  • Only the Cricut Explore Air 2 has the “Fast Mode” capability. This allows you to cut and write 2xs faster than the other machines.

Now, do you know which machine you might want to buy? If so, and you’re lucky enough to catch a bundle, make sure your bundle includes the following tools and materials. This will make extra buying a lot easier. Easier on your time and your wallet.

Tools & Material Must Haves in Cricut Machine Bundles

Cricut Tools Basic Set

Cricut Tools

This is the basic set that will get you on your way to creative greatness.

The Cricut Basic Tools Set includes:

  • Tweezers
  • Weeder
  • Scissors
  • Spatula


Cricut also has a Cricut Essential Tools Set available. It also includes the Scoring stylus. Which is actually a tool I really do recommend. It comes in handy if you’re like me and can’t cut a straight line. 

Extra Cutting Mats

Cricut Tools

You’re going to want to have extra cutting mats. You’re going to want different strengths. As well as different sizes. I’d recommend at least having a standard 12×12 mat as well as a large mat.

Replacement Blade

Cricut Tools

Your cutting blade could go dull at anytime. Especially if you do a lot of projects. Or, in my case, attempt and fail at a lot of projects. So, in that emergency case, having a replacement blade on hand is a smart move.

Transfer Tape

Cricut Tools

Transfer tape is one of those things you MUST have on hand for most projects.

Plenty of Material

Cricut Vinyl

Do you know what you plan on creating? If you want to make t-shirts, you’ll need a special kind of material to cut on. Make sure you get plenty as most rolls only come as a roll that is 12 x 24. Especially if you’re planning for the holidays. You’ll notice a lot of stores will run out of “holiday colors” well before the actual holiday. So, if you’re a procrastinator, like myself, you’ll want to buy holiday colors ahead of time.

Extra Writing Tools

Cricut Tools

The Cricut machines have a great feature where they can draw and write. So, having plenty of different color pens on hand is great for when you want to make a special card or invitation!

If you can’t find a Cricut bundle that comes with those things, you’re going to want to buy them! All of those are needed to make awesome projects with your machine. 

Now you should have pretty much everything you need to start being crafty. But, before you start, please take my advice. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I’m a know it all. It’s a horrible trait. I didn’t think I’d need to watch tutorials before I began designing. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. So, in order to hopefully save you some of your sanity, I’m sharing what I should have done. Hopefully this will help you save time and money when you begin using your Cricut.

Make Sure You Do These Things BEFORE Using Your Cricut Machine
  • Hop on YouTube and look up every tutorial you can find. You can even subscribe to the Cricut YouTube Channel. It may take you a whole day. or many days, to watch the tutorials. But, these are going to save your life! Well, maybe not your life. But, definitely your time and money. You’ll soon discover that mistakes will lead to a lot of wasted material. Then you’ll soon discover that constantly replacing that material isn’t cheap.
  • Measure everything. Whatever you are planning to put a design on. Make sure you measure it!! I can’t tell you how many times I “guesstimated” a size and it ended up looking awful. That’s wasted vinyl, ya’ll. Vinyl abuse. Please just take time and measure whatever you’re personalizing!
  • At first, I’d avoid tiny and eloquent designs. I’m not saying I don’t believe in you. Because, I am sure you could kill a great tiny eloquent design. But, if you’re like me, just stick with larger designs for now. The smaller designs are very delicate. I have no pace. So, for a beginner like myself, they aren’t ideal. But, hey, if you feel like you can do it – I have faith in you!

Another great thing about the Cricut is that you can upload your own fonts. So, if you haven’t checked out, make sure to do it! There are a BUNCH of free downloadable fonts there.

Cricut also offers a lot of great fonts. Some of them are free but most of them you have to pay for. But, if you join Cricut Access, which I really recommend, they’ll be free as well as a lot of cut files as well.

Right now has a Cricut Explore Air Machine Everything Starter Bundle on sale for $259.99. This is a huge savings. Remember when I said my initial Cricut investment was $600? That didn’t even include everything this starter bundle includes.

You can check out that bundle here.

Pet Dental Health Month: Celebrating Your Pet’s Smile This February!

Pet dental health is so important! In fact, it’s so important that there is a whole month dedicated to it! February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Some people giggle at the thought of someone brushing their pets teeth. But, pet dental health is very important. Just like us, the condition of your pets teeth is actually a window into how well they’re doing overall. 

I’m guilty of not being able to resist puppy breath. Some people think it’s an acquired love. I guess I’ll have to agree. But, I think there is one thing all pet owners can agree on. Bad pet breath can really ruin cuddle time. But, bad breath is something that should be taken seriously. There are many underlying things that could cause a pets bad breath.

Pet Dental Health: Bad Breath Causes

  • Dental disease
  • Gum disease
  • Metabolic disease
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Diabetes
  • Liver issues
  • Kidney issues
  • Sinusitis
  • Diet

Most veterinarians recommend a dental exam is done at least once a year. Every 6 months for pets who are considered “seniors.”

pet dental health month

So, if you want to keep the bad breath down, there’s a few steps you can take.

See a veterinarian.

This may not be your #1 choice. As veterinarian appointments can be expensive. But, bad breath may be caused by some serious underlying issues. So, it’s vital to get your a pet a thorough check up.

Brush your pets teeth.

Brushing your pets teeth is vital for health pet dental health. They even make specialized tooth brushes and toothpaste. You can even use a washcloth. It’s recommended that you at least brush your pets teeth once daily.

Add an additive to your pets food/water.

There are a lot of products out there that can be added to your pets food or water. They will help freshen your pets breath.

Add treats to your pets routine that help fight bad breath.

There are also tons of treats available to help with pets bad breath. Many veterinarian offices also carry prescription pet dental health treats.

Allow a veterinarian to perform a dental cleaning.

Just like us, dental cleanings are important for pets.

How will you and your pet(s) celebrate Pet Dental Health Month?!

Kids Subscription Box: 5 You’ll Absolutely Love!

** Some links may be affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here

Have you looked into all the kids subscription box options that are available? There’s a lot out there. Some feature toys. Then some of them feature clothing. Plus, so much more to make a kids subscription box perfect for little hands. Subscription boxes are all the craze right now. So, why not let your littlest ones join in on the fun, too? 

Subscription boxes are pretty neat. You can get boxes for clothes, make-up. food, and all kind of stuff. The best part is that it’s delivered to your door every month. No wasting gas. No spending hours at a store. Bam! At your front door. But, subscription boxes aren’t just for adults. There are plenty of kids subscription box options.

Here are Dray and Haley’s favorite kids subscription box options.

Kids Subscription Box: 5 You’ll Absolutely Love!

Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride is such a neat idea for a kids subscription box. Plus, it was featured on my all time favorite show, Shark Tank. 😉 This box is perfect for ages 5 .

What You Get Each Month

  • Two activities that focus on either STEM, geography, math, history, or art.
  • A book
  • A snack
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Plus, fun extras!

Monthly Plans

Monthly – $24/month shipping

6-Months – $20/month shipping

12-Months – $19/month shipping

Right now you can use the code SHARK5 and get $5 off your order!

kids subscription box

Walt Life

Are you a Disney fanatic like our family is?! If so, you’ll love the Walt Life kids subscription box. It’s perfect for Disney adult fans, too. The Walt Life subscription box offers five different options!

Walt Life Subscription Box Options

Magic Plus – $48.00 free shipping

  • An item from a Disney Park
  • Over 4 surprise Disney items
  • Discounts
  • Disney Gift Card Entry
  • Ability to skip a month - It's a way of life!

Magic – $39.00 free shipping

  • Over 4 surprise Disney items
  • Discounts
  • Disney Gift Card Entry
  • Ability to skip a month

Classic – $20.00 shipping

  • Over 3 surprise Disney items
  • Discounts
  • Ability to skip a month

Pin Collector – $18.00 shipping

  • A limited edition collector’s pin
  • Ability to skip a month

Pin Edition – $8.00 shipping

  • An authentic collector’s pin
  • Ability to skip a month


Haley and Dray love reading. So, a monthly kids subscription box for books is perfect. That’s exactly what Bookroo offers. Bookroo even offers international shipping.

Shipping is $5 for the United States. Shipping to Canada is $16/month. Any other international destination is $25/month. 

What comes in a Bookroo subscription box?

Picture Book Boxes – Two hardcover books, per box

Board Book Boxes – Three books, per box

Bookroo Pricing

1 Month – $17.99/month shipping

3 Months – $16.66/month shipping

6 Months – $16.33/month shipping

12 Months – $15.99/month shipping


Books for your kids, Curated. Wrapped. Delivered. Get 15% off today at

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts is such a neat kid subscription box! Each box is themed to help your little one become an explorer. With topics such as safari, volcano, space, and so much more. Plus, there’s anywhere between 5-8 projects in each box! Each project comes with easy to follow instructions, too.

Monthly Subscription – $19.95/month

3 Month Subscription – $19.95/month

6 Month Subscription – $18.95/month

12 Month Subscription – $17.95/month


Sock Panda

Okay, my kids are straight SOCK FANATICS! Especially Haley. So, we absolutely love, love, love Sock Panda! The best part is that Sock Panda is all about giving back. So, for every time you make a purchase or renew your subscription they donate a pair of socks! How cool is that?

Their kids subscription box is aimed for kids between the ages of 3 and 8 years old. You’ll get 2 pair of awesome socks for $15/month. Plus, they won’t just get socks. Each box also comes with games, crafts, brain teasers, and something new every time.


One Income Survival Tips & How We Keep Pushing Forward

This is a sponsored post. But, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Since the day I graduated high school I’ve always worked. I literally started my first job right after my high school graduation ceremony. My first gig was at a new Build-A-Bear store they were building at the mall. Unfortunately, I didn’t survive long. I was young and immature. Not sure exactly where I was heading in life. But, I’ll never regret it. Because, after all, every lesson is a learning opportunity.

When my daughter was born I still continued to work full time. For 10 years, I embraced the pet industry. Then a chain of events caused my life to go on a small roller coaster ride. Haley was diagnosed with epilepsy. My youngest was diagnosed with sickle cell. It was a constant battle between doctor appointments and working. When I say leaving my passion, the pet industry, was hard.. I mean it. It was the last thing I wanted to do. But, in order to make sure my family was cared for, it was a step I had to take.

Shortly after I left the industry, Vince lost a well paying job. We had no idea what we were going to do. Then he took a job he liked. But, it was a huge pay cut. But, with all of the doctor appointments for Haley and Dray I would only be working to pay for daycare and gas to and from work. It was hard for me to even manage 10-15 hours a week due to all of the appointments and illnesses.

Before we were hit with all of this, we lived pretty well. We ate out often. Lunch was usually from somewhere. We were able to go shopping, buy things we didn’t need for the house. All of the fun “luxuries” some people are able to experience. But, when we were hit by the typhoon, we had to change our lifestyles drastically. Bills had to be paid. We needed a roof over our head.

The first step I took was to find a way to make some kind of income from home. I sold quite a bit of things online. But, this wasn’t guaranteed income. Plus, some days I would make a decent amount. Other days I was lucky to find a penny on the sidewalk. The uncertainty of it all was tough for my family and I.

Now things are starting to take shape again. Vince has another well paying job. The best part is that he loves this job. But, this downfall has taught us a lot about life. A lot about what values we need to have again.

one income

So, what survival tips do I have to offer you if you’re struggling on a one person income?

One Income Survival Tips

    • Stop eating out. Yes, that $1 hamburger seems tempting. But, when you’re scrambling for change for gas, you’ll wish you had that $1 for your gas tank. Plus, if you are a regular fast food lunch goer, you know that it adds up on a weekly basis. While the initial grocery trip may seem expensive, with the right planning the savings are ginormous.
    • Don’t be afraid to use those coupons. Check your local newspapers, magazines, etc. for coupons. Don’t be ashamed to use them. You can save thousands with coupons. Plus, that’s what they’re there for. For you to use them of course! Our family loves using Groupon Coupons.

Why Our One Income Family LOVES Groupon

  • It’s free to join! No hidden costs. Nothing!
  • Before our budget cuts, I LOVED Starbucks. One time I even got $10 worth of Starbucks for $5! I was stoked!
  • It’s easy to search for local deals.
  • They offer discounts for student
  • Plan ahead. I know you’re probably face palming yourself right now with this one. With everything that goes on in life, sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead. But, if you want to get the most out of your one person income situation, preparation is necessary. This could mean if you need a vacation, planning as far as a year or more in advance. You can even catch coupons for vacation, too. Right now Groupon Coupons even has a coupon for FREE admission to Sea World!
  • A budget binder. I’ve never been someone to be organized with paper. Who am I kidding? I’m not one to ever be organized, period. But, a budget binder is a lifesaver!! Below I posted a few links where bloggers offer some awesome (& FREE!) printable budget binders.

Free Budget Binder Printables

Mintotion: The 2017 Financial Freedom Binder
Free Home School Deals: Free Financial Planner
DIY Home Sweet Home: Ultimate Life Planning System

  • Cut back on the things that aren’t a necessity. Ya’ll have no idea how hard it was for me to say goodbye to our cable. I loved being able to watch my favorite shows. But, cable is expensive. Plus, less TV time opened me up to more social activities. Scary, I know!
  • Don’t be afraid to barter. Asking for a handout during tough times is hard. But, bartering is a great way to get the help you need but without feeling like you’re asking for a handout.

Every day it seems as if we learn something new about living on one income. But, although our situation is improving, we’re not losing what we have learned. We push forward every day, regardless of how “well” we’re doing that day, by following the rules above. Because, although we are doing better, the money we will save will give us the chance to do the things we miss from before. All without having to worry about the “what if” tomorrow.