Puppy Proofing Your House | Tips I’ve Found That Work!

Puppies are so cute! Puppy proofing your house is important. Just like kids, they get into everything. Without proper precautions you may end up with problems. Puppies like to chew on wires. They like to chew on almost anything. Puppy proofing your house is easy. There are products out there that make it easy, too. 

Mack was an adult when we adopted him. He was already house trained. Also, he came made for kids, too. He has shown love for Haley since the day I brought her home. We never had to look up information on puppy proofing your house. Because, well, adopting older dogs is awesome. It is more awesome when they are like Mack.

Pluto was a different story. He was 8 weeks old when I brought him home. I searched the internet a lot when we brought Pluto home. I wish I did more research before I brought him home. It may have made the transition easier. But, we all make mistakes. It was a mistake that cost me a lot of money. The mistake cost me half my sanity, too.

There are a LOT of articles online about puppy proofing your house. I spent a lot of time online looking different tips up. I wonder if I’ve earned my Ph.D in “Puppy Proofing Your House” yet? If not, I deserve one. Please, don’t be silly like me. Puppy proof your house before you bring your new puppy home. Don’t get me wrong. It is possible to puppy proof your house while your new puppy is there. But. it is easier if you do it before hand. Because, it will have to be done.

Puppy proofing your house isn’t a maybe type thing. It should be done. Even a laid back puppy may find danger. A cord may look like a yummy rawhide. That will make a puppies tail wag. But, end up with a possibly hurt puppy. If not a hurt puppy, a lost appliance. So, go ahead and find a way to hide the cords. Because. that’s part of the whole puppy proofing your house process.

puppy proofing your house

Puppy Proofing Your House

Plant Eating Puppies

Plants are great. They add character. Plus, a few help with the air quality in your home. But, there are plants that are poisonous to your pets. They could cause vomiting and diarrhea if your puppy chews on one. In the worst case scenario, death is possible. It’s the sad reality.

To be safe, keep all plants out of your puppies reach. This ensures, if you’re unsure of the plant, that it won’t hurt your puppy. Even a plan not considered poisonous may still cause vomiting and diarrhea.

The American Kennel Club (AKC), has great information on plants that are poisonous to your pets.

puppy proofing your house

Dumpster Divers

Puppies love dumpster diving. Any smell can drive their nose wild. Even if it’s a smell we, as humans, don’t find pleasant. Puppies will even chew on a dirty q-tip if it’s available. That doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?! But, puppies don’t care. It’s a different smell. So, they’re interested. Plus, they discover the world with their mouths.

It’s important to keep trash cans out of reach. The last thing you want is trash strewn throughout your kitchen. Believe me, I’ve came home to that before. It isn’t any fun.

A trash can lock is an amazing invention to cure the puppy curiousness.

Drowning Hazard

A bath tub full of water may seem like fun to a curious puppy. But, it may end up dangerous. Even a sink full of water is a drowning hazard for a puppy. Make sure to keep your puppy away from any places that are full of water. Even if it’s a bucket of water. Unless, of course, you’re getting ready for bath time. But, make sure you never leave your puppy unsupervised during bath time.

puppy proofing your house

Make sure lids are down on toilets, too. Dogs are notorious for drinking out of toilets. Puppies may have to reach a little further to get a drink from the toilet. Which may cause them to fall into the toilet. You should consider toilet locks. Yep, the same way you keep kids from falling in the toilet. Even the tiniest puppy may be able to lift a closed toilet lid.

The same goes with pools, ponds, lakes, etc. If you live near or on any of these. Even if you plan on visiting any of these. Make sure puppies are not allowed around any large amount of water. Make sure pools are secure with a gate. Even with a cover is better than nothing.

Pill Taking and Cleaner Drinking Puppies

Drinking something I clean my floors with doesn’t seem like a great idea. But, to a puppy, it may be the best idea EVER! The taste may make their taste buds happy. Even when it doesn’t make ours that thrilled. All cleaning materials, or anything with a chemical, needs to stay out of reach. Don’t think for a second it’s secure in that plastic bottle either. Pluto can tear through plastic in about 30 seconds. (Keep plastic away, too. Huge choking hazard.)

Same goes with pills. Keep them out of reach. Like in a locked medicine cabinet. Because. if you have kids, it’s not just the puppy you should worry about. Just keep the pills out of reach. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dogs pills, the kids pills, or your pills. Just keep them in a secure, locked place.

Just a word to the wise, a dog will get on a table. Even a small chihuahua can find their way on top of a table. My 16 year old chihuahua, Lucy, climbed onto our dining room table once. We weren’t home. But, you know what she found? Because, we didn’t secure it, she found chocolate candy. She ripped into the box. The whole pound was gone when we got home.

We we’re so lucky during that. All she suffered from was diarrhea. We lost her in July of last year. She was 18. Her life was long. It was fulfilled, too. We’ll always miss her.

Furniture Happens

Almost every house has furniture. Furniture sounds harmless, right? For a puppy it may not be. They are curious. Plus, you’ll often find them everywhere. That includes underfoot. So, while even stepping on them poses a threat, so does furniture. We once cared for a puppy who had a broken foot. It was broken by being under a rocking chair. The owner didn’t notice her puppy was underfoot. She began rocking. It just took a minute.

puppy proofing your house

Puppies also like to hide. Any furniture with an opening big enough for them to wiggle under is a hazard. Don’t under estimate your puppy either. They can wiggle their little bodies under a lot of different places! There are great products you can use that are temporary. So, puppy proofing your house is possible but not permanent.

Yummy Electrical Cords

I’m not a fan of electrical cords at all. I don’t like the sight of them. So, we have already hid ours. But, if you’re getting a puppy and haven’t hid yours, go ahead and do that. Because it can be time consuming. It is best to go ahead and get this out of the way. You’ll already have your hands full with a new puppy.

I’m not the only one who hates the sight of wires. A lot of my family and friends can’t stand it either. The product making industry heard our cries. There are great products out there for controlling wires. In a not so stressful way.

The same goes for blinds. Puppies can become tied up in these cords. This may not always lead to bad things. But, it is possible for the puppy to strangle themselves in the blinds. Not keen on getting rid of the cords? There’s products that help you solve that problem, too.

The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!

Fires are dangerous for everyone. They are dangerous for curious puppies, too. Keep your fireplaces screened off. Don’t let your puppy get near a space heater unattended either. A frisky puppy may tip over a space heater. Fires or open flames that are unattended are a big no-no for kids and puppies!

Store Small Items Up, Up, and Away!

Doesn’t puppy proofing your house seem like a fun day of organizing?! C’mon, you know these are things you needed to do a long time ago. Small items needs to be stored out of reach of puppies. This includes off of counters. Puppies love to climb on things. So, get organized!

Stairs and Other Off Limit Spaces

puppy proofing your house

Stairwells pose a danger to a cute, clumsy puppy. Keep them closed off with baby gates. Same goes for “secret rooms” in your home. You know, the rooms that may pose a danger to the puppy. Or rooms that you just don’t want your puppy in. Keep in mind, some puppies may learn to climb or jump baby gates. You may have to come up with another clever way to keep your puppy out of “no no” zones.

Puppy proofing your house can be tedious. But, these are all things we’ve thought of doing for a while. You know what I’m talking about. Getting organized! If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, it is time to get organized, too! Let me know how you prepare for a new furry addition. I’d love to add to this list!

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Caru Pet Food Review: Stews & Treats

** Disclosure: A huge thanks to Caru Pet Food & Matrix Partners! In exchange for this Caru Pet Food Review, they sent over some free samples. But, of course, all opinions are 100% my own!

My family has an awesome 5 year old Boston Terrier. His name is Pluto. Well, I say we have him. But, some days, I think he owns us. He’s a ball of energy. He thinks every squirrel in the yard is his. He thinks every ball in the yard is his. He’s a happy little dog. Despite everything he has went through.

I fell in love with the Boston Terrier breed in 2009. I loved their structure. I loved their features. I loved their goofy personalities. In 2012, my granddaddy passed away. He wasn’t just my granddaddy. He was my dad. He raised me from day one. I was a bit on the spoiled side. Which, now raising my own kids, I deserved a lot more butt whoopings than I got.

My granddaddy was thoughtful. He knew how much I wanted a Boston Terrier. But, the nearest breed rescue was too far away. I waited for months, visiting the local shelters website, for a Boston Terrier to appear. One never did. When he passed, he left money for me. Not money just to blow. But, money to help me survive. Plus, he had a separate envelope as well. An envelope I never knew about. Until he passed away.

The envelope read: “Boston Terrier Money.” Inside the envelope was $250 dollars. Which, here in Georgia, is on the lower end of what a breeder would charge for the breed. I had never purchased from breeder before. That’s why I intended on waiting until I saw one that needed a home. Then a friend called me. It was a bit of a strange situation.

I worked with the person who called me when I worked in paid rescue. But, she never knew how much I loved the Boston Terrier breed. She called to let me know about a local breeder. A breeder who just didn’t treat their animals well. She was reaching out to me for help. With my own plate full, I just gave birth, I couldn’t help on a personal level. Which was heartbreaking to me.

I did tell her I would reach out to others. Other people I knew who did animal rescue. People who may have a little more time than I do. She gave me the breeders information. So, like any nosy human being, I did some research. I even visited the breeders website. Just to see what kind of front she was putting up. To my surprise, there was one Boston Terrier puppy listed. For $250 dollars.

In my head, I didn’t want to do it. Then I would be supporting this breeder. I would be giving her income. I felt like I was supporting a puppy mill. I reached out to the person who called me about the breeder. Then I explained my predicament. Ya know, my OBTD (Obsessive Boston Terrier Disorder). I also explained how I felt I would be supporting her by getting the puppy.

Then, that same person, made a legit point. I may be in a way supporting the breeder. But, there was a bigger picture behind that. I was saving that Boston Terrier puppy. I was at least getting one out of the situation. I was helping with the rescue efforts. Plus, maybe I’d be able to get a behind the scenes look as well. That way I could speak more on the condition of the breeders space.

Still feeling guilty, I was already in love with the puppy on the computer screen. I arranged to go to the breeders house to buy the puppy. She lived about an hour from me. The breeders house was out in the country. Which isn’t rare for Georgia. Dirt roads, a lot of land. All that was there. A secluded type place.

When we arrived, you can not see the property. The over grown trees in front of it block the view. There is also a huge iron gate blocking the driveway. The gate has a padlock on it. Behind the overgrown trees, you see a few horses grazing in the pasture of weeds. Once we find this place, after getting lost, I call the breeder. Letting her know I was there.

Five minutes after we got there, she walked down to the gate. Behind her were two large Labrador Retrievers. They barked and jumped at my car. She had zero control over them. Unlocking the gate, she motioned us through. This just lead to another padlocked gate. A padlocked gate she did not unlock for us.

We got out the car. She didn’t invite us through the gate. Instead she told us to wait there. Then she brought out a skinny 8 week old Boston Terrier puppy. She handed me his paperwork. It listed the dewormings he already had. It also listed the one vaccination he already had. She made me sign an agreement. Pretty much saying, you get what you got. I don’t guarantee anything. Pay me and go away.

By this time, I’m ready to get out of there. I sign the agreement. She hands out her hand for the money. Once I pay her, she throws me the puppy. I’m pretty much in shock by now. I can’t believe this lady has dogs. I can’t even believe she’s allowed around people. Now we’re driving home with our newest addition.

Pluto was underweight when we got him. His fur was dull. His skin was flaky. His whole body had a strong urine smell to it. He hated eating. He was also loaded with fleas. Well, not just fleas. After his first fecal exam, we found out he had worms, too. Just a sad, sad puppy. Plus, for a puppy, he was scared, too. Not bouncy like other Boston Terrier puppies I have met.

Little guy went through a lot his first 6 months of life. We had a liver shunt scare. Which resulted in a lot of expensive tests. Then, our roommate left our back gate unlocked. Plus left Pluto outside. Pluto, being the Boston Terrier he is, ran out into the road. He got hit by a car. He made it back to our house. I found him when I got home from work. Covered in blood. Both legs hanging under him. That was an expensive fix. But, he was worth it. He still is worth it.

He’s calmed down as he’s got older. A little bit. He doesn’t roam anymore. I give thanks to the wonderful power behind neutering for that. He’s gentle with our kids. There is one thing that remains with him though. His picky eating habits. There are many times when he will turn down a treat quick. I don’t believe this is typical Boston Terrier behavior. But, I don’t believe he’s typical either.

When Matrix Partners contacted me about samples, I was all in. Maybe this would be a game changer for Pluto. I didn’t have a lot of faith. He is picky after all. But, I was willing to give it a try. Plus, they were sending me an awesome brand to sample. They were sending me a stew and treats from Caru Pet Food! I knew of the brand. I heard amazing things about the brand. I was ready to see it in action myself.

caru pet food review

Caru Pet Food Review | Stew & Treats

What is Caru Pet Food?

Caru Pet Food is all because of a Golden Retriever. His name was Karu. Karu suffered from a common dog problem. He had ear infections. Not just once in a while. He suffered from constant ear infections. If you’ve ever had one, you know how awful they can be. That’s when Karu’s veterinarian suggested a homemade diet.

When I say homemade diet, I mean homemade diet. Karu’s new diet consisted of food that was healthy, nutritious, and pure. The homemade diet resulted in a huge change in Karu’s life. He became the happy and cuddly Golden Retriever he should be. That’s when, after consulting with a animal PH.D nutritionist, Caru Pet Food came alive.

Caru Pet Food has some great features they stand behind. Some of them include:

  • Family owned & USA Made
  • Doesn’t have GMO ingredients
  • Gluten, wheat, & grain free!
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.
  • There are no by-products
  • Made with ingredients that they are careful to select.

caru pet food review

 Caru Pet Food Review: Natural Rabbit Recipe Bites for Dogs

Don’t get me wrong. Rabbits are adorable.  Contrary to popular belief, just because I live in Georgia, does not mean I go hunting. I know plenty of hunters. But, I’ve never been hunting. Now, I do love to fish. But, never hunting.

My senior dog Mac loves rabbit treats. We did buy some for him in the past. Pluto had never enjoyed rabbit though. Just because, well, to be honest, the thought of rabbit just doesn’t appeal to me. Then we got the free sample of the Caru Pet Food Natural Rabbit Recipe Bites for Dogs

Caru Pet Food Natural Rabbit Recipe Bites for Dogs: Features

  • The #1 ingredient is USDA inspected rabbit. (The #1 ingredient is the most IMPORTANT ingredient!)
  • The best ingredient is not only real rabbit. They’re also made with blueberries and cranberries.
  • They are wheat, grain, and gluten free.
  • No animal by-products. Plus, no corn or soy!
  • No GMO ingredients!

Caru Pet Food Review: Trying The Rabbit Treats Out!

I decided to give the treats a chance with Pluto. I wasn’t sure if they would work. We never tried rabbit treats. But, we’re always up to try anything that may work. Especially if it would get him to take a treat at all. These could be a game changer in our furry household.

I am not exaggerating when I say it was love at first sniff. He grabbed the Caru rabbit treat out of my hand fast. Then ran off with it. Not even 30 seconds later, he returned. He seemed like he was begging for another one. So, I pulled the bag out. He was begging for another one. This was amazing. Ya’ll don’t understand. He is the picky of pickiest Boston Terriers ever!

This is great. We already know Mack loves rabbit treats. But, he’s not picky. Now we have a treat they both will love. Of course we shared some with Mack, too. There was no hesitation on his end. He gobbled the rabbit treats down fast.

I don’t know if there is a dog rating scale. But, if there was one, I’m sure Pluto would give Caru Pet Food’s Natural Rabbit Recipe Bites for Dogs 5 paws up!

Caru Pet Food Review: Real Chicken Stew for Dogs

The Caru Real Chicken Stew for Dogs was another winner with Pluto. We’re not huge on wet food. But, we’re not against it either. Plus, with all the good things in the Real Chicken Stew, I wasn’t worried.

The instructions on the back say you can do the stew two ways. You can use the whole packet of food as a meal. It’s 1 packet per 13 pounds. You can also use it as a topper. You reduce what you feed your dog by 1/2 cup and then add the whole packet.

caru pet food review

This packet is full of veggies. It seems like a lot. But, our 12 pound Pluto didn’t mind. He ate it before I could even take a picture! I even topped it with a few treats. He usually eats 1.5 cups – 2 cups a day. So, I did a cup of dry food. Then I mixed in a whole packet of the Caru Real Chicken Stew.

caru pet food reviewcaru pet food review

There’s great features to Caru’s chicken stew, too!

Caru Pet Food’s Real Chicken Stew for Dogs Features

  • The #1 ingredient is chicken that is USDA inspected.
  • There are fatty acids and Omega 3 in the stew.
  • High quality protein
  • Vegetables and fruit that are rich in fiber.
  • Wheat, grain, and gluten free
  • Ingredients that are Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives
  • There are no flavors or colors
  • Smells homemade (I can attest to this!)
  • Tastes homemade (I can’t attest to this. But, Pluto can!)
  • You can heat it up, too.

Nutritional Information

The First Ingredients Are:

  • Chicken
  • Chicken broth
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Apples

Caru’s Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein (min): 3.5%
  • Crude fat (min): 2.5%
  • Crude fiber (max): 2.0%
  • Moisture (max): 85.0%
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (min): 0.05%

Calorie Content: 768 kcal/kg, 272 kcal per pack

Like I said before, Pluto gulped this down so fast. Plus, it’s good for him. Without a doubt, I think Pluto thinks Caru’s Pet Food is the best thing since sliced bread.

As for the Caru Pet Food’s Real Chicken Stew for Dogs, Pluto gives it another 5 paws up! 

I think our furry family has found a new favorite. There’s no GMO’s which is important to us. Plus, the first ingredients are important. They have all the right ones.

We give our Caru’s Pet Food Review 5 Paws Up!

caru pet food review

Cleaning Hacks: 5 For Tackling Pet Messes

I love cleaning hacks! Managing a household with dogs and kids is tough. So I love coming across cleaning hacks. Especially cleaning hacks that are DIY. I have to share some of these with ya’ll! They have been a lifesaver for not only myself. These cleaning hacks are a lifesaver for my whole household.
We love our pets. Many pet owners say that the comfort of their pets come above the comfort of the people who visit their home. Because, well, the pets were there first.  But, what about the in-laws who always complain about the dog hair hanging out on the couch? What about the best friend who can smell your dog five miles away?  We try our best to keep these individuals happy. After all they are a part of our lives.
Not all of us have fancy tools at our disposal when it comes to all the latest cleaning technology.  Salute to the individuals who do!   Have you invested in a $1,000 vacuum that removes ever micro-spec of hair? If not, we have a few cleaning hacks. Cleaning hacks that will help you get your home “guest ready.” While you tackle everyday life with pets.
cleaning hacks

Cleaning Hacks: 5 For Tackling Pet Messes!

1.) Pet Hair Removal – We love our pets. But falling in love with their hair is another story.  Thankfully removing pet hair doesn’t take a team of scientist to complete.  You can apply a light misting of a static removal product over your furniture and carpets. Then allow it to sit for a few minutes.  Now you can vacuum the hair away!
2.) A simple solution to getting rid of pet vomit – It happens to the best of us. Fido vomits his leftovers onto your brand new rug.  The vomit will be easier to remove once it has dried.  Allow the vomit to dry and then vacuum it up.
3.) Remove Urine Safely – Chances are you have encountered urine on your carpet from your pet.  Sprinkle baking soda over the urine spot. Let it sit for quite a while. Then you can vacuum it up.
4.) Squeegee the hair up! – Do you still have pesky pet hair in your carpet? You can take a squeegee across the carpet. Bye bye pet hair!
5.) Mask Pet Smells – You should clean all food and water bowls in hot soapy water. Plus clean all pet bedding and/or pet toys in the washing machine.  There is also a DIY cleaning hack where you can make a spray.  The spray helps control odors.
DIY Cleaning Hack Pet Deodorizer Spray
You’ll Need:
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 2 cups water


  • Combine 1 tablespoon baking soda with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar
  • Wait for the foaming action to stop.
  • After the foaming action has stopped, add 2 cups water.
  • Shake well.
  • Lightly mist pet areas with the spray.

Do you have any cleaning hacks that help tackle pet messes? Let me know. I can always use a few more tips.

Dogs and Babies: Introducing The Two

There is no better testimony of love than dogs and babies. But, the introduction may not always go smooth. You may have to do some prepping before bringing baby home. We can’t deny it, dogs and babies are so cute together. Not all dogs are friends with babies though. Are you planning on bringing a baby to a pet household? There’s some steps you can take. They will make sure the transition goes smooth.
I like to browse the “Pets” section of different classified websites. I often run across an ad offering a pet because the family is expecting a baby.  Now, I’m not here to judge. I don’t know everyone’s individual situation.  People face different trials and tribulations.  Dogs and babies are cute together. But, there are things you can do to help prepare the meeting between dogs and babies.
dogs and babies
When Dray was born in October I knew the pets would provide a challenge. His daddy isn’t too fond of pets. He probably didn’t know what he’s getting into when he met me. If you know me, the pets weren’t going anywhere unless a problem happened.

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So, prior to bringing Dray home I did quite a bit of research. I wanted to make sure that the transition went smooth.  There is a lot of information out there, a ton.

Let me share with you what worked for us.
dogs and babies

Dogs and Babies: The Introduction

Consult with your pets veterinarian and a pediatrician.  They often have amazing advice. They will give you great tips. Ensuring the meeting goes smooth.
Get with a trainer to address any behavior issues.  Are you aware of any behavior issues your pet has? Go ahead and try to get with a trainer to address these issues well before baby is born.  I know, I know.. one more thing for you to do.  But, it’s important.
Invite friends or family over that have small children.  Get your pet used to the thought of a little one being around.  Have multiple play days, give the parents a break and get some hands on training.  Remember to NEVER leave a child alone with a pet! It should always be supervised, regardless how well behaved your pet is!
Make some baby noise!  Play a video of a baby crying, rattle toys, etc.  This will help your pet get used to the new sounds that he or she will be encountering soon.
If you want your pet out of the babies room, create a sturdy barrier.  Is the babies room is a huge no-no to your pet? Make sure you have a sturdy way to keep your pet out of the babies room.
Use baby tools around your pet.  If your dog and you enjoy walks, bring a stroller along often on these walks. This will help get your pet adjusted to it.
Once baby is born, have someone bring something that smells like baby home for your pet to sniff.  Once your baby is born, have your spouse, family member, and/or friend stop by your home with a baby related item. It should  smell like your new baby.
Reward your pet when there is positive behavior.  When your pet sits calmly next to you while you hold baby, reward your pet. Let them know they’re doing a great job.
Never force dogs and babies to meet.  If your pet isn’t interested in baby quite yet, back off.  Forcing your pet to associate with baby could cause a ton of anxiety.
Always remember to never, ever  leave your pet unsupervised around your baby.  You should always be there!
What are your tips on introducing dogs and babies? Or introducing pets and babies in general? Let me know! I’d love to share them. 

12 Pet Apps Pet Owners Should Download!

Technology is a cool thing. We pretty much can use our phones for anything.  We can shop, read, get directions, take pictures, and so much more.  Many of us even use our smartphones or tablets to organize our lives.  We use apps for recipe ideas, making list, shopping, and even banking.  I know quite a few people who use their smartphones to help manage their fitness and healthy lifestyle.  Technology has came a long way.  I am almost 100% positive at this point, we’d be lost without it.

We love to download apps for us.  But, what about our other family members?  I’m not talking about for our children or spouses.  We consider them our children, our petsThere are so many great pet apps you can download!  You use apps to manage your daily life.  Why not use them to help manage your pets daily life, too?  Check out 12 pet apps that ALL pet owners should download!


pet apps


12 Pet Apps All Pet Owners Should Download

1.)  Doggie Boogie – I have so many blurry pictures of my dogs in my phone.  It’s hard to get them to sit still for a picture.  When I do, it’s a pure miracle!  Doggie Boogie is the ultimate way to get a picture of your moving pup.  The app makes noises that spark your dogs interest.  Your dog will then be interested in photography time.  Doggie Boogies also has awesome filters you can add.  You even have the option to share your pups pictures on social media.

2.)  BringFido – Going on vacation and can’t bear to think of Fluffy staying home alone?  BringFido has a solution for you!  With this app you can search for pet friendly hotels.  You can narrow your search down by location.  With BringFido you can also read the pet policy for each hotel and get pricing.  They also list pet friendly activities nearby, once you select a hotel.  Don’t leave Fluffy behind!  Find somewhere you two can go together with BringFido.

3.)  Pavlog Dog Monitor – $1.99 | Only available for the iPad.  Do you have a barking dog? A dog that has issues coping while you’re gone?  Then you should check out the Pavlog Dog Monitor app for the iPad.  This awesome app costs $1.99, but it’s like a behavior nanny for your dog.  You’ll have to check it out to believe it!

4.)  Whistle – For this app to work, you must have a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attached to your pets collar.  As long as the pet tracker is on your dogs collar, you can locate your pet.  This is great if your pet is known for roaming, or if your pet becomes lost.  Not only does it track your pets location, it can also set reminders and even track your pets health.

5.)  DoggyDatez – We have play dates for our children, so why not dog dates for our dogs?  With DoggyDatez, doggy dates are the real thing!  If you’re out walking Fido, DoggyDatez will show others nearby that are walking their dog, too.  The best thing is, they also just aren’t walking their dog.  But, are looking for socialization, too!  Have your next doggy date thanks to DoggyDatez!

6.) Pet FirstAid – Accidents happen.  Know what to do when a pet accident happens with Pet FirstAid.  This app has detailed articles and information on pet accidents that may happen.  You have a first aide plan.  Shouldn’t your pet have one, too?  They can with Pet FirstAid!

7.) MapMyDogWalk – This is a great app if you’re working on your fitness, or Fido’s fitness.  With MapMyDogWalk you can track distance, elevation, pace, and speed.  This app does all this when you and Fido are taking your walk.  Get fit with MapMyDogWalk!

8.) iKibble – iKibble is an extensive list of foods that are okay and not okay for your pets.  Not doggie food, but human food.  If you’re a serial offender that gives their pets table scraps – you should check out iKibble!

9.)  Petcentric by Purina – Petcentric by Purina is a pet owners paradise.  Petcentric allows you to see pet friendly establishments.  You can also see places that offer pet services.

10.)  Ask A Vet – $0.99 | AskAVet is a wonderful app.  You can use this app to ask a real veterinarian questions.  It make a few day to get an answer, so not ideal for emergencies.  But, really an app isn’t ideal for pet emergencies at all.

11.)  CatBook – Do you just love your cat?  Do you share a lot of pictures of your cat or cats?  Then CatBook is perfect for you!  CatBook is designed for cat lovers everywhere and is a cat lovers social media paradise.  It works a lot like Facebook, just dedicated to cats.  Jump on the cat social media band wagon + get CatBook!

12.)  Dosecast – Need to remember when to give your senior dog his arthritis medicine?  What about giving mothly heartworm and flea prevenative?  Stay on track with Dosecast!  You can schedule your pets medications and when you need to give them.  This is a handy tool for busy pet owners.

Do you have any pet apps you recommend for managing your pets lives?  Let me know! I’d love to try them out!

Pokemon Go: 4 Apps Better For Your Kids

The Pokemon Go craze has struck our household. Vince and Haley were in the backyard the other night wandering around like zombies. There’s a Pokemon Go stop at our neighborhood park, too. As well as a gym at the post office right up the street.

Whether you love it or hate it – or don’t know what it is – Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps in the world right now. Here are some alternatives created intentionally to foster learning, making them a truly worthwhile time investment. For fun, and since Pokemon’s from Japan, I’ll count the 4 apps in Japanese – Ichi, Ni, San, Go!

Pokemon Go: 4 Apps Better For Your Kids!

Ichi (One): Have story time anywhere with the FarFaria App


I like this app because kids can read quietly and be entertained wherever they are. It also gives the entire family access to thousands of books on an iPad, kindle, phone, etc, so there are options for all ages! Turn screen time into story time with this “Netflix for Children’s Books” app. It’s great to be able to save books to the app so they can be read offline anywhere! For example, in a home office, at the park, in the car, and of course at bedtime.

Great for: Ages 2-9

Cost: For a limited time, $19.99 (Save $20!)

Ni (Two): Improve reading skills with the Hooked on Phonics App


Love Hooked on Phonics at much as I do?

They’ve really brought this time-honored system to the 21st century with this amazing app. It has educational games to keep kids engaged at home or on the phone anywhere. I love that it syncs children’s progress to all devices – so if dad is on the road he’s up to speed on the kids’ progress, and if you don’t have the iPad around, you can just download the app, sign in, and have the kids pick up right where they left off. Seamless.

Great for: Ages 2-8

Cost: For a limited time, $29.99 (Save $20)

San (Three): Learn coding skills with the browser-based Learn to Mod program


Do your kids love video games and winning badges? Use that to get them coding! The Learn to Mod program is a browser-based software that teaches kids how to “mod” Minecraft with both Blockly and Javascript (neither of which I understand, but there you have it). The program includes hundreds of video lessons, puzzles, and quizzes that get kids learning this impressive skill while having fun. The cool badges keep them coming back for more, and even pique mom’s interest. 🙂

Great for Ages 7-13, girls too!

Cost: $29.99

Go! (Four): Need help with homework help? Use the GradeSlam app and ask a tutor!


Does your high schooler need help in a particular subject? Are you strapped for time to help with homework? There’s an app for that! GradeSlam provides 24/7 tutoring in all subjects to students in middle and high school, as well as college. With their award winning chat-based tutoring platform, your kids can access tutors anytime they (or you) need. This is a perfect supplement for subject matter beyond your scope, busy spells, and for when kids head off to college. For anyone gearing up their juniors for college entrance testing, this is a no – brainer.

Great for: upper school to college ages, tougher subjects

Cost: For a limited time, get a whole year for $99 (save $81!)

I hope I’ve expanded your digital horizons beyond Pokemon today! What apps do you and your family use? Comment below and share the knowledge!

Free Samples From PinchMe | My July Box

** Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on or make a purchase from one of the links on this blog, I will receive a small compensation. That’s what keeps Dogs + Kids alive! I appreciate all ya’ll very much.

I love having the choice to pick my free samples every month with PinchMe. While I am praising PinchMe in this post, it is not sponsored by them. These opinions are 100% my own. I got such an amazing PinchMe box this month. There is no other option but to share it. You can get free samples, too! Just join PinchMe. Plus, it is totally free! If ya’ll really like me – make sure to use my referral code! 

Sign up with PinchMe for FREE today!

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free samples

Free Samples from PinchMe | My July Box

I have used PinchMe for a few months now. The free samples they send out every month are a decent size. Some of their free samples are full sized products. Sometimes you will get great coupons. I got my July PinchMe Box of free samples today. They always send me great samples. But, without a doubt, this is my largest haul from PinchMe.

What’s The Catch With Free Samples From PinchMe?

There’s not really a catch at all when it comes to getting your free samples. The registration is easy. It is completely free. You don’t have to enter any type of payment information. A ton of advertisements don’t pop up when you visit the website. You don’t have to answer a 75 page survey to get your free samples.

The only I guess, catch, would be is that you have to leave feedback after you get your samples. But, the feedback form is so easy. It is only a few questions. It takes no time to complete. When I first began with PinchMe I wasn’t aware you had to leave feedback. So, most of my feedback chances expired. But, once I noticed that I should leave feedback. and how easy it was, I seemed to have more free sample opportunities.

I know that you’re not here to get the 411 on the legitness of my free samples from PinchMe. But, if you are, they are 100% legit. Without a doubt. So, I’ll get on with the show. Check out these awesome free samples PinchMe sent me for July!

Don’t forget to sign up for FREE with PinchMe! You deserve free samples, too! You can thank me by using my referral code (6HZSP) when you sign up.

Free Samples From PinchMe!

free samples

Inside My July PinchMe Box! | Free Samples Galore


I can’t wait to try out this product! Plus, the brand has an awesome name. It’s also a product that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint behind. It has natural ingredients like sunflower oil. It also moisturizes skin as well.


Wrinkles never seemed to be something I worried myself with. Honestly, I still feel as if I’m still too young to worry about wrinkles. I think that’s because I’m blind to real world situations. I have wrinkles. I see new ones pop up every day it seems like. I’ve never used a product for the wrinkles. I just pretended like they weren’t there. But, now that I have this free sample, I’m ready to start my 2-week regime.


This one is a little more on the personal side. I’ve used Vagisil products in the past. I’ve never been disappointed. The same goes for this product as well. I have had the chance to shower with it already. It is everything it says it is I believe. There’s no fragrance. I actually felt cleaner after using it, to be honest. I’m glad I received this free sample.


We don’t have any puppies at home. But, I plan on taking these to the shop with me and sharing them with a few puppies. These treats are made in the USA and are all natural. They’re also perfect training treats. Because they only have 3.5 calories in each treat. They are also grain-free as well.


I have sensitive skin. Haley and Dray have sensitive skin, too. The thought of even peeling off a band-aid makes all of us cringe. I have already had the chance to use these band-aids on myself. These are different. I am so glad I got this free sample. Because, this will be the only band-aids I buy from now on. They stick very well. They’re a light blue color. Almost transparent. Also they’re not bulky. Making them less noticeable. They don’t make me itch. When you peel them off, there is no pain. NONE! Plus, if an edge comes off by accident, the band-aid adheres right back to your skin without any fuss. These are amazing!


Vince doesn’t have a lot of hair. So, he doesn’t style it often. But, he promised me he would try this product. The product description claims it only takes a “dab” for full use. They consider a dab about the size of a dime. That is a pretty small amount. Plus, the price isn’t bad either, if that’s all you have to use. The product description also claims that it conditions your hair and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I guess we’ll find out!


I didn’t receive the actual litter system. But, I did get a pretty sweet coupon if I decide to buy it. The coupon is good for a year and it would save me $7 off one of the litter systems. Pretty sweet deal. Especially if they end up going on sale. I could snag it for virtually nothing.


Another great treat training option. They’re all natural. Plus, they are low in calories. Making them a great treat to use for training. I let my Boston Terrier, Pluto, sample a few. He was absolutely in love!


I can not WAIT to try out this free sample. I have very sensitive teeth. I have had many dental surgeries. I have a ton wrong with my mouth. It’s an all natural toothpaste as well. It’s also fluoride and gluten free. It also claims to seal up gum lines to keep bacteria out. I sure hope so.

The free samples in my July PinchMe Box are amazing! You deserve free samples, too. Sign up for your FREE PinchMe account. If ya wanna throw me a thanks, use my referral code! It’s 6HZSP

Do you get free samples to review or just in general? Where’s your favorite place to get free samples from? Let me know! I’d love to try them out. 🙂

Interesting Facts About Pets

Interesting Facts About Pets

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Label Daddy | Washable Labels! | Save 25%!

Get ready for school and save 25% on Label Daddy peel and stick custom name labels!

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These labels are super durable peel-and-stick washable labels — they’re washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are also fun and attractive. You design your own labels! Pick from tons of colors, sizes and logos, including Disney characters, MLB, NBA, and NHL team logos, other sport and fun logos, and more. These labels are made in the USA and shipped directly to you worldwide.

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