Hi! I’m Alicia! I’m the one who blabbers here on “dog + kids.” I’m a mom raising two awesome kids. I worked in the pet industry for 10+ years. So, I’ve juggled everything from puppies to newborns. I have a passion for writing. I’ve loved writing since elementary school. I even won a creative writing contest in 4th grade. Yep, I’m still proud of that.

dogs and kids

See, I even have proof. Look at me go at two years old!

My two rugrats are my greatest treasures. Haley is my oldest. She was born 08.19.2011. She’ll be going to kindergarten this year (2016)! Talk about emotions going wild. I’m really in my feelings on that one. Dray is the newest addition. He was born 10.09.2015. His personality is wild. He’s such a sweet boy.

kids and dogs

Typical brother and sister, ya know? Smiling villain running away with the Batmobile. They are a match made in heaven. Haley loves to run down the hallway. When she does, Dray tries to go, too. Wherever he is at, he’ll start kicking his legs. I just know he’s trying to run after her. I’m sure they will be best friends through the years.

dogs and kidsdogs and kids

Here’s a baby Dray + a baby Haley! 🙂 Of course I have baby pictures! I’m a mama. 😉

Haley came to see Dray while we were at the hospital. But, he was in NICU the entire time. So, her time was short. Plus, she didn’t get to touch him. So, when they finally had a real meeting – it was love at first sight.

dogs and kids

We’re all Georgia born and raised, ya’ll! So, of course, we enjoy anything involving water. We all love fishing. Especially Haley!

dogs and kids

This is a picture of the first fish she ever caught. She reeled it in all by herself, too. But, she wouldn’t touch it.

As I mentioned, I’ve worked in the pet industry over 10 years. I began in retail. That was short lived. Then I went to paid rescue. I still do a lot of unpaid rescue. Probably more than I can afford. My most educational experience was during my employment at a veterinary clinic. I was there 5 years. I began as a kennel technician. I ended as a receptionist. Then I took on a different role in the pet industry. For the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve enjoyed life at a grooming salon. Grooming, as far as education, is somewhat comparable to the veterinary world. But, at the same time, totally different.

My life has been a weird roller coaster. Haley’s dad and I divorced when she was about 1 1/2 years old. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted. I was 24, divorced, and confused. But, looking back, it was for the best. Don’t get me wrong, I believe marriage is sacred. But, I also believe we’re all humans. All humans make mistakes. But, let’s not call it a mistake. Let’s calling it a learning opportunity. You get older, you get wiser. Wow, now I sound like my granddaddy.

Haley’s daddy loves her and she loves him. We share equal time with her. He’s very much involved. Him and I can now have a conversation without it being an argument. Which is a great cure for all of our sanity.

Drays daddy and I have quite the history, too. We met years before I met Haley’s dad. Vince and I met the night of my moms funeral in 2004. We hit it off right away. Pretty much started dating right away. We were both in high school. We both went to different high schools. I made a few dumb decisions. We lost contact. It was life. We were in high school. But, I never stopped wondering how he was.

After Haley’s daddy and I separated, I wasn’t looking. I was focused on trying to restore my family. But, everything happens for a reason. Haley’s dad’s mom and I still text a million times a day. We’re all friends on Facebook. Her daddy has an awesome girlfriend right now. We’re all chipper.

But, like I said, I wasn’t looking. Then out of the blue Vince sends me a friend request. Shortly after he messages me. Well, pretty much 3 years later, here we are. I believe we were brought back together for a reason. I mean, look at us, we’re two peas in a pod. 😉

dogs and kids

5 Random Facts About My Family

My aunt was adopted in Japan in the 1950’s.

My mom was born in Munich, Germany.

My grandparents adopted my aunt because they thought they couldn’t get pregnant.

On the way home with my aunt, they found out they were pregnant with my mom.

My grandma, granddaddy, and aunt all have, or suffer from Alzheimer’s.


5 Random Facts About Me

I’m pretty short. A whopping 5’0″.

My first job was at Build-A-Bear. I was 17.

I’m diagnosed with ADHD and social anxiety.

I once accomplished rescuing 11 puppies from an auto parts salvage yard.

I have awful handwriting.

5 Random Facts About Haley

She loves the Ninja Turtles.

The Descendants are her homies.

She has right and left temporal lobe epilepsy.

She’s going to kindergarten this year (2016).

Her best friends, right now, are her cousins.

5 Random Facts About Dray

He loves apples.

He was born with brown eyes. Now they are blue.

He was born with dark brown hair. Now it’s very blonde with a little brown.

He was 7lbs 10oz and 19.75in long at birth.

He spent his first four days of life in the NICU.


Why Dogs and Kids?

Well, it’s a long story. But, I’ll give you the short and sweet version. I’ve always worked in the pet industry. I’ve always assisted in animal rescue causes. Yeah, I’m a pet nut. I’ve had a few blogs. Most were about pets. Minus one which was aimed towards social media.

People love their pets. I love my pets. Shoot, I love ALL pets. But, I love my kids, too. I wanted to share our crafts. I wanted to share our time together. But, our dogs aren’t always with us. I don’t want it to get confusing for people. I don’t readers to not understand why they are visiting my blog.

So, I cut to the chase. Kids and dogs. Now I can cover everything.


My Pet Industry Career

I began working in a big box pet retail store after high school. It was short lived. I’m not any good at retail.

Then I began paid work at a local cat rescue. There were 300+ cats there! I’ve worked in unpaid rescue for quite a while, though.

I spent a year at the cat rescue. Then accepted a position at a veterinary clinic. I was employed at the veterinary clinic for 5 years.

For the past 2.5 years I have worked at a grooming salon.

If I haven’t bored you to death – I’m glad you’re here! 🙂