Your baby is not sleeping at night. Well, you are not alone! It’s a common problem. Recently I received an e-mail from the masterminds behind the website SleepyBud. After I browsed around the site, I was quite impressed. The tips on here could really help me with Dray’s sleeping schedule. He’ll be a year old next month. But, he still fights sleep. 

Alright, mamas. We’ve all enjoyed that moment. The moment when you find out you’re pregnant. Were you excited? Were you scared? Whatever feeling you experienced, rest assure, it’s normal. With both of my pregnancies I experienced excitement and fear. Pretty much anxiety shoved into a bottle. But, day by day, I’m surviving. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t question my survival in the beginning. The sleepless nights. Nights that turned into sleepless months. The mom guilt. Forgetting important events, dates, and so much more. All I wanted was sleep. But, baby is not sleeping!

I thought I was doing everything right. Following the book. But, still, I remained exhausted. The drained feeling poked at me every chance it had. Haley is 5 now. She actually loves sleeping now. To be honest, her sleep schedule was predictable. She went to sleep about 9:30 every night. She’d wake up around 5:30AM to eat. Then she’d take a good nap for 2-3 hours. Then several throughout the day. That girl just loves to sleep.

Dray, on the other hand, totally different story. He’s almost a year old now. Sleep is the last thing on his agenda. I don’t think he sees sleep as a “priority.” My sleep vocabulary expanded greatly after having him. Googling tips and advice, because my baby won’t sleep, devours my search history. That’s why when Marten contacted me from SleepyBud, it was hard to contain my excitement.

baby not sleeping

Baby Not Sleeping? Check Out SleepyBud!

SleepyBud, founded in 2015, provides information that benefits you and your baby. The website helps you and your baby get a good nights sleep. Plus, there is so much scientific research behind each article. Jenny, her husband Marten, and their adorable daughter Molly are the masterminds behind this helpful website.

For the past 10 years, Jenny has practiced as a doctor. Marten is an airline pilot. Then you add their adorable 1 year old daughter Molly into the picture. A busy family who knows a thing or two about sleeping.

One of their articles I found quite informative. It focuses on how much sleep is normal for baby. Plus, provides an awesome baby sleep chart by age. You can see the article here.



Infographic Credit: SleepyBud
What have you done when your baby won’t sleep? If you’re facing that issue now, have you checked out SleepyBud?! If so, please share your experience on how the SleepyBud website helped you!
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