Blog Income Report: My First 10 Months

I’ve had blogs in the past. This blog income report focuses on all three. Including this blog. Next month I plan on tracking earning throughout the month. Then I can start showing ya’ll monthly income reports. The income report below is a mixture of what I can remember receiving since I started monetizing my blogs. So, about a 10 month time span. All the networks I have listed I have personally used. So, I know their the real deal. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect with me! You can e-mail me or find me on social media.

My life has always consisted of some sort of “blogging.” I mean, I kept a diary and journal during my younger days. Plus, I was part of the online diary communities. C’mon, admit to it. You remember FreeOpenDiary, LiveJournal, Xanga, all of the good ones. I’m guilty of writing lengthy posts on MySpace, too.

But, I never tried to monetize my blog or social media use then. I’m not even sure if you could or not. I wasn’t even aware of the ability to monetize a blog until the end of 2014. Yep, I’m behind on the times.

My family went through quite the financial hit in 2014. I lost a good paying job. A job I had for 5 years. Plus, I had just went through a divorce, too. It was one hit after another. I searched for another job for about a month. During that time I learned about making money online. After a month of intense searching, I landed a job. I didn’t land the job because of looking. I landed the job because a friend I worked with at the vet clinic hooked me up with it. I’m still there, too. I love working at our little grooming salon.

blog income report

While working I started my first blog. It was “The Southern Bark.” It focused on helping pet parents care for their pets. But, the name was all wrong. Because, that was such a limited demographic. I wanted to reach out to a larger audience. But, in the short time I had the blog, I made a little compensation. The compensation came from two companies. Two companies I still use today.

Currently, I manage TheThriftyBark.Com and this blog ( I have been blogging, on a monetary level, for about 10 months now.

Three Blog Income Report (10 Months)

** Some of the following links are affiliate links. Meaning if you sign up for any of the below, I may receive a small compensation. That’s how an income report is generated, right?!

Monetary Compensation

IZEA – $176.37

ShareASale – $38.02

SheSpeaks – $150

Influence Central – $15

UpWork – $190

One2One Network – $45

Product Compensation

SheSpeaks – $25

One2One Network – $399.99

Influenster – $75

Total Product Monetary Compensation: $1074.38

I am still working on my blogging techniques. Still working on building my audience. I want an audience that trusts me. So, I try my best to stay social. So, make sure you connect with me there, too! I know many people will giggle at my blog income report. It is only a little over $1,000. But, you have to start somewhere. Plus, 85% of the above income has came just in the last 5 months. So, it is possible to earn money online.