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I know I have spoke a lot about Haley starting school. It is just a huge milestone for the both of us. I’m adapting to the public school system. She’s adjusting to the public school system. Plus, spending 7 hours a day learning is new to her as well. Sitting still that long is new to her. But, back to school is here. I love shopping Educents for some amazing back to school deals.

Back to School Tools From

That’s right, it’s Back to School Season! That means Back to School shopping AND deals. To save you the hassle of checking around I’ve rounded up my top back to school picks in science, reading and writing and made sure you’re saving at least 20%!

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How to Teach the 5 Paragraph Essay: Save 25%

A great lesson plan on this crucial skill.

5 paragraph


Science Graphic Book: Save 20%

I admit I’m surprised, but the comic book format of this science series has kids mastering materials because they’re excited about the book itself! Definitely worth checking out, especially with the savings.



Life of Fred Beginning Reader Books: Save 19%

A perfect tie-in with the beloved Life of Fred Math Books for new readers.

life of fred


Analytical Grammar Set: Save 20%

Help your littles master this sometimes fun, sometimes maddening subject. Saving 20% helps.

alalytical g
















Kindergarten, I Wasn’t Ready For It

Children bring a lot of joy to our lives. They show us a new beginning. I can’t remember life before Haley. But, there was one milestone I wasn’t ready for. That milestone is kindergarten. Haley began kindergarten over two weeks ago. Still, I am not prepared for it. Meeting new people is hard for me as it is. But, that didn’t stop Haley’s excitement for kindergarten. She was ready. I wasn’t. 

I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Okay, a bit doesn’t cover it. I procrastinate every single day of my life. I’m working on it. So, I had Haley’s kindergarten supplies ready. I had them ready before the first day. That made me thrilled. She had her binders, her pencils, crayons, everything was ready. She was ready. Her supplies were ready. Well, I say everything was ready. Everything was ready but one thing. That was me.

On Haley’s first day of kindergarten, her daddy met me there. We’re divorced. But, I’d say we co-parent better than most parents that are together. We spend equal time with her. We make sure that we both stay involved in all aspects of her life. Together we walked her to her classroom and said “see ya later.” I didn’t cry. I was sure I would, but I never did. Then he headed home. I headed to work.

When her first day of kindergarten let out, I was at work. Her grandma and papa picked her up from her first day. I shared the picture below of her being walked to the car. Within an hour, it had 100 shares. She had a great first day of school. She even got her first smiley face. The first day we didn’t even have to worry about homework. Those circumstances changed. We have homework every night. But, she enjoys doing it.

kindergarten milestones

My little girl is a bit needy. But, most days, I don’t mind. But, I see changes since she began kindergarten. She is independent. I walked her to her classroom this morning. A little girl was in front of us. Her mother was with her, too. The little girl let go of her mom’s hand. Then Haley let go of mine. That is when my heart sunk. That’s when the light bulb went off. I’m not ready for kindergarten. So, I didn’t cry on her first day. But, today, I cried the whole way home. She has never let my hand go before.

She always wants mommy right there. To hold her hand. She even asks me to carry her on a regular basis. It reminded me of a popular video that has circulated my social media feed lately. A mom in the car, crying, because her son isn’t ready for kindergarten. She talks about how he’s not ready to stay still for 7 hours. She even touches on how the teacher doesn’t know he needs so many kisses every few minutes. Of course, the video has a funny ending. But, I felt like that mom this morning. She was ready, I wasn’t.

Discover, Create, Learn & Explore with Bramble Box

But, she has to grow older. I know this. I am aware of this. But, it’s so hard to let go. She will always be my little 7lbs 2oz 21 1/2 inch baby girl. I am starting to let the reigns go a little bit every day. But, I hope she always remembers, mama has her back. Forever and always.

6 Educents Must Haves Cheaper Than Amazon!

I’d love to be able to shop around for the best price always, but sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day! Let’s be honest, I’d much rather be hanging out with my kids than price shopping. Or enjoying that big cup of coffee that keeps me going. I’d just rather not price shop.

I received a list of items that are cheaper on Educents, (one of my favorite online stores for educational resources) than on Amazon. I was shocked to find some items were $100 cheaper on Educents than Amazon. So, of course I wanted to share this time-and-money-saving list with you!

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Hooked on Phonics Learn To Read Kit for PreK-2nd – Save $170.00

hooked on phonics review





Hooked on Phonics is one of the most trusted brands in teaching children how to read. This set is for Pre-K-2nd graders who are looking to create a strong foundation in phonics. This set includes workbooks as well as access to the HoP online learning portal.

Retail Price – $299.99 / Amazon Price – $265.00

Educents Price – $129.99

Maestro Classics Musical Stories Set Save $112.00






This 12 CD collection features perennial classics you’ll remember from childhood like Peter and The Wolf, The Nutcracker, and The Tortoise And The Hare. Each disk also includes activities to complete for students after they have finished the story.

Retail Price – $200.00 / Amazon Price – $93.43

Educents Price – $88.00

Times Tales Animated DVD Save $10.00






Times Tales is one of the best ways to teach kids multiplication – period. One mom said, “Best money spent on math. It really worked. Within a week my 9 and 11-year-old completed 110 problem text with scores of 99% and 100% respectively. Wow.” Audio, visual, logical – what’s more to ask?

Retail Price – $29.99 / Amazon Price – $28.99

Educents Price – $19.99

Reusable Human Body Sticker SetSave $9.00






The Mona MELissa reusable sticker playsets are an amazing way to create a hands-on learning experience in your home, classroom, or anywhere with a wall. Teach kids all about anatomy – and make it stick (literally!) – with this scientifically accurate set.

Retail Price – $28.99 / Amazon Price – $24.99

Educents Price – $19.99

Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks: 40 Piece Set – Save $27.50






Tegu blocks are the wooden magnetic blocks that are captivating children’s attention worldwide. Aside from being an outside-of-the-box toy, Tegu cares about creating social good, and hires workers in Honduras to create these wonderful toys. Plus they plant a tree with each purchase. 🙂

Retail Price – $110.00 / Amazon Price – $110.00

Educents Price – $82.50

Hooked on Phonics Spelling Program Save $20.00






Spelling Bee here we come! The Hooked On Spelling program is no exception to the quality of Hooked on Phonics programs and teaches spelling in a way that’s unique and fun at the same time.

Retail Price – $79.95 / Amazon Price – $130.22

Educents Price – $59.95

Pokemon Go: 4 Apps Better For Your Kids

The Pokemon Go craze has struck our household. Vince and Haley were in the backyard the other night wandering around like zombies. There’s a Pokemon Go stop at our neighborhood park, too. As well as a gym at the post office right up the street.

Whether you love it or hate it – or don’t know what it is – Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps in the world right now. Here are some alternatives created intentionally to foster learning, making them a truly worthwhile time investment. For fun, and since Pokemon’s from Japan, I’ll count the 4 apps in Japanese – Ichi, Ni, San, Go!

Pokemon Go: 4 Apps Better For Your Kids!

Ichi (One): Have story time anywhere with the FarFaria App


I like this app because kids can read quietly and be entertained wherever they are. It also gives the entire family access to thousands of books on an iPad, kindle, phone, etc, so there are options for all ages! Turn screen time into story time with this “Netflix for Children’s Books” app. It’s great to be able to save books to the app so they can be read offline anywhere! For example, in a home office, at the park, in the car, and of course at bedtime.

Great for: Ages 2-9

Cost: For a limited time, $19.99 (Save $20!)

Ni (Two): Improve reading skills with the Hooked on Phonics App


Love Hooked on Phonics at much as I do?

They’ve really brought this time-honored system to the 21st century with this amazing app. It has educational games to keep kids engaged at home or on the phone anywhere. I love that it syncs children’s progress to all devices – so if dad is on the road he’s up to speed on the kids’ progress, and if you don’t have the iPad around, you can just download the app, sign in, and have the kids pick up right where they left off. Seamless.

Great for: Ages 2-8

Cost: For a limited time, $29.99 (Save $20)

San (Three): Learn coding skills with the browser-based Learn to Mod program


Do your kids love video games and winning badges? Use that to get them coding! The Learn to Mod program is a browser-based software that teaches kids how to “mod” Minecraft with both Blockly and Javascript (neither of which I understand, but there you have it). The program includes hundreds of video lessons, puzzles, and quizzes that get kids learning this impressive skill while having fun. The cool badges keep them coming back for more, and even pique mom’s interest. 🙂

Great for Ages 7-13, girls too!

Cost: $29.99

Go! (Four): Need help with homework help? Use the GradeSlam app and ask a tutor!


Does your high schooler need help in a particular subject? Are you strapped for time to help with homework? There’s an app for that! GradeSlam provides 24/7 tutoring in all subjects to students in middle and high school, as well as college. With their award winning chat-based tutoring platform, your kids can access tutors anytime they (or you) need. This is a perfect supplement for subject matter beyond your scope, busy spells, and for when kids head off to college. For anyone gearing up their juniors for college entrance testing, this is a no – brainer.

Great for: upper school to college ages, tougher subjects

Cost: For a limited time, get a whole year for $99 (save $81!)

I hope I’ve expanded your digital horizons beyond Pokemon today! What apps do you and your family use? Comment below and share the knowledge!

101 Educational Apps & Sites

My oldest will start kindergarten this year. It has became a stressful time for the both of us. As it’s new to the both of us. Like most kids, Haley loves playing games on a tablet or phone. Games are fun. But, education is important. I’m glad there are educational apps and sites to keep the learning going. Plus, these educational apps and sites keep learning fun, too!

Since kiddos might be spending some extra time on the computer and tablet in the summertime, I want to make sure that they’re still learning. That’s where Educents’ list of the Top 101 Educational Websites and Apps of 2016 has been a lifesaver!

This incredible round-up of educational websites, apps, online curriculum, and digital learning resources is your go-to guide for continued summer learning and the new academic year. You can browse the guide by subject to find the perfect resources for your kids to brush up on certain skills or learn something new!

There are literally 101 great options to choose from. Here are a few that stand out to me:

1. Kids Discover – Kids Discover Online is an interactive online reading platform, offering 3 Lexile(R) reading levels and over 1,000 science and social studies resources, vetted by subject experts.


2. Farfaria Unlimited Ebooks – FarFaria offers over 1000 ebooks for your children. Each story comes to your mobile device as a colorfully illustrated book that they can flip through, read on their own, or have read to them. If they choose to hear the story, each word is highlighted as a professional actor recites it.


3. Learn to Read App: Lifetime Subscription – With music, games, lessons, and stories, HOOKED ON PHONICS: LEARN TO READ is the simplest, most effective and most fun way to learn to read. Enjoy songs, games and interactive entertainment in a style that has never been seen before in an educational app.


Which ones have you tried or do you want to try? Comment below to let me know which ones are your family’s favorites!

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