Baby Shower Gifts: 10 That Don’t Suck!

One of my favorite clients came into the grooming shop today. She brings her Schnauzer, Leo, in often. He comes in for boarding, grooming, and even play days. We love him! He even serenades us often. He has a beautiful voice. 😉 I’m a huge introvert. Sharing my blog with the outside world is hard. But, I shared the link with her. So, if Leo’s mom is reading this, I’m so glad you’re here! She asked me a great question today. She asked me about baby shower gifts. I mean, I have gave birth twice after all. So, I like to think I know what a mom wants. I may not have it all together. But, I know there are some baby shower gifts I loved. Plus, a few that I could have lived without. I knew right away that this was a blog post worth writing about. 

By now, you all know about my wonderful children. If not, I’ll give you a short recap. Haley is my oldest. She was born in August of 2011. My youngest is Dray. He was born October of 2015. With both, I was lucky enough to have a baby shower. Well, I had two baby showers with Haley. I had a baby shower with friends and family for Haley at our church. My close friends also threw me a baby shower at a local restaurant. With Dray, my awesome coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower.

I was on maternity leave. I received a Facebook message from my manager one day. She advised me to be at her house at a certain time on a Sunday. My first thoughts weren’t that pleasant. All I could think was that I was on maternity leave. Why the heck would they want me to attend a meeting?! Well, she let the cat out of the bag before that Sunday. Just to make sure I would make it. One of our former co-workers even showed up. She runs a treat business. When I say treat, I mean treat! She makes some amazing sweets. They are perfect for a pregnant girl!

All of the baby shower gifts that I received were a blessing. But, some of them did not get used. Some of them I ended up re-gifting. Then some I ended up giving away. I don’t like to sale things that I get for free. So, they went to people who I thought needed them. Then there were gifts that I wish I would have got more of. But, none the less, I was thankful for every gift. Each baby shower was a testimony of how much my family and I are loved. Which says a lot. You can’t replace that. I even made it clear that you didn’t have to bring a gift. Because, the reality of it is, just the support means so much.

Now, like I said above, some of the baby shower gifts I did not use. It wasn’t because I didn’t like them. It was because I never needed them. They took up space for the most part. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love them. It just means that I had too much of one thing. It means that it wasn’t a great fit for my family. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t thankful. The thought is what counts. But, I had to come up with a catchy title. So, as a loving, foul mouth mom, saying these baby shower gifts sucks seemed appropriate. They weren’t the right fit for me. That doesn’t mean they aren’t the right fit for the next mom.

baby shower gifts

5 Baby Shower Gifts We Could Have Done Without

Pacifier Clips  

So, I’m not against pacifier clips. Some babies love their pacifier. Plus, the clips come in cute designs. They are also convenient. Especially if your little one is notorious for losing their pacifier. But, neither one of my rugrats took a pacifier for long. Which I am thankful for. Because, that’s just one less thing to get him adjusted to not having. I have a ton of unopened pacifier clips. They were a waste for us. That doesn’t mean they’ll be a waste for the next mom, though.


This may seem like an insane thing to add to this list. But, no lie, I have 16 30-gallon trash bags right now full of baby clothes. Clothes he never got to wore. Because, well, we got so many. Plus, we didn’t get various sizes. A lot of the clothes were either newborn or 0-3 months. He didn’t stay in either size long. Now, I’m not saying clothes aren’t a great idea. But, we had an overload of hand-me-downs sent to us, too. Now, don’t get me wrong. Moms love cute clothes. Anything to show their baby off in. But, most of the time, my babies enjoyed being naked. Yep, naked is where it’s at.

Decorative Picture Frames

Pictures are great. I adore pictures. They’re a great way to capture memories. But, I got a lot of picture frames. A lot of picture frames designed just for “new babies.” These are bulky. They don’t look great on walls. When baby is older, you don’t want picture frames sitting around. Because, well, babies are curious. They knock things over.  A lot of those picture frames are up in a closet right now. I will probably never see them again. They’re cute. But, they take up space.


Baby shoes are adorable. But, let’s face it, babies can’t walk. Plus, they grow out of them fast. Most of the cute shoes I got for my two are in those 30 gallon trash bags as well. Many of them never touched their feet. I would say the same concept goes for shoes as with clothes. If you can’t resist, buy a bigger size. Or, if you know mom or dad will love them, go ahead. But, most of the time, they are short lived.


A lot of moms may shake their head at this. Formula is expensive after all. But, let’s look at this on a rational level. Many new moms want to breast feed. Breast is best. Not all moms breast feed. Some supplement with formula. Not all babies can have the same formula. Some babies do best with any formula. You may have this desire to buy formula. That’s great. It’s expensive. Any mom who plans to use it will be grateful of the gesture. Formula may be one of those things you want to offer after baby is here.

10 Baby Shower Gifts That Don’t Suck


Bibs are awesome. They are handy. They are needed. Babies tend to get messy. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many bibs. I may even be able to fill a load of laundry with bibs.


Blankets aren’t just adorable. They’re sentimental. They also come in different varieties. Which makes shopping for them fun, too. Plus, let’s be honest. What mom hasn’t had to grab a blanket to clean up a baby mess? Come on now, I know I’m guilty.

Gift Cards/Cash

You may be at a complete loss at what to buy an expecting mom. You can not go wrong with gift cards. Festive gift cards to a baby store are great. But, a gift card that can be used anywhere is useful. Then the new mom to be isn’t limited to where it can be used. They can scout several places for the best price. The options are endless. Even a small gift card adds up and is useful.


Wipes are great. You can use them for almost anything. They clean butts, spills, and sometimes messy faces. Moms go through a lot of wipes. So, hooking a mom up with wipes is awesome!


Moms go through a lot of diapers. Especially new moms. Make sure when giving diapers as a gift that you ask the mom their preference. Some may prefer a certain brand. While others may plan on using cloth diapers. Some may not care. Making sure you buy different sizes is a great step to take, too. Don’t get me wrong. A mom goes through a ton of newborn diapers. But, having the extra sizes takes a load off down the road. Literally.

Baby Wash

A clean baby is a happy baby. It’s important to have body wash that is sensitive to babies needs. I feel like this is one product I run out of on a regular basis. I didn’t get a lot of baby wash at either of my baby showers. Which now I realize is a bit of a bummer. Because, this stuff gets used a lot.

Baby Shampoo

Just like baby wash, baby shampoo disappears at a fast rate it seems. It is also a baby necessity. Baby shampoo should also be shampoo that is sensitive to babies needs. Babies have sensitive little heads, too. They need that special attention.

Sensory Toys

I can see you shaking your head now. We all know newborns aren’t quite capable of playing with toys. But, it’s never too early to introduce them to baby. Even by you playing with them while baby watches. This teaches baby how to play with them, too. Of course, only when they’re ready. On many occasions I wished that my kid’s toy collection was more of a variety. Plus, it’s fun to put some away and swap them out. This makes every month like Christmas. Without the need to spend extra money.


Hygiene Tools

This ideal baby shower gift include a variety of baby safe hygiene tools. The baby industry has got smart with this must have. Many companies offer a kit that already includes all the hygiene tools a baby needs. But, what hygiene tools are smart to have on board with a new baby?

Great Baby Hygiene Tools
  • Baby Safe Nail Clippers
  • Baby Hairbrush
  • 5mL Syringe (We use a lot of these!)
  • Thermometer (I couldn’t live without our temporal thermometer!)
  • Baby Nasal Aspirator (Ya know, the boogie sucker.)

Baby Feeding Tools

There are a lot of milestones celebrated when you have a child. Eating is one of those milestones. Babies start with a liquid diet. They graduate throughout their lives to different textures. Feeding time often ends up as a fun time, too. But, it can be messy, too. Leading to a lot of utensils being washed. Which means at one point in time there may be some sort of shortage. That’s where back up is handy. As a mom, I think there may be a such thing as hoarding baby feeding tools. That’s is true if your utensil drawer and junk drawer only consists of baby approved dishes. But, having extra is very handy. They all aren’t used that the beginning of course. But, that feeding stage will be here before you know it.

Essential Baby Feeding Tools
  • Baby Safe Spoons
  • Baby Safe Plates
  • Baby Safe Cups
  • Baby Safe Bowls
  • Baby Food (Make sure you check the expiration date. It’s important that the mom to be can use it down the road. Or even purchase this a while after baby is born.)
  • Bottles (This is a touchy subject. I would ask mom-to-be if she prefers a certain brand of bottle. Some moms may only plan to use a certain brand.)
Baby Food Maker

A baby food maker isn’t essential. As baby food is readily available almost everywhere. But, man do I wish someone would have bought me one. I think they are a fun way to expose your baby to different foods in a safe way.

Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer also isn’t essential. There are other ways to warm a bottle. As always, I continue to allow this to be a judgement free zone. With Haley, I had no idea what a bottle warmer was. Now, with Dray, I use one on a daily basis. Multiple times a day. This is all about preference. It isn’t necessary.

2 Bonus Baby Shower Gifts That Don’t Suck!

A “Mom” Gift

Baby showers are for the baby, right?! For the most part, yes. Moms want to spoil their children. But, mom is doing a lot to make sure that this little gift is taken care of. We all know the saying. You can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself. So, it’s important for moms to take care of themselves, too. Giving mom a gift is a great way for her to take care of herself, too.

Great Mom Gifts
  • A gift certificate for a salon date (massage, haircut, pedicure, manicure, etc.)
  • Tickets to her favorite musician in concert
  • Her favorite food
  • Ask her something she has wanted to do before baby is born. Assist her with that goal.

Your Presence

There is a misconception when it comes to a baby shower. Of course, gifts play a part in the occasion. But, if you’re a mom, or a human being, money may be tight. Just your presence is enough. Letting mom to be know that you are available for them. Showing that you care. Giving mom to be a shoulder to cry on, a place to visit. It’s a scary fact, but, postpartum is a real thing. A real scary thing. Sometimes all a mom needs is a way to get her emotions out. Offering your shoulder may save a mom during these times.

I’d love to know what baby shower gifts you think are awesome. Do you know a few that don’t quit fit the bill? Let’s connect! I’d love to exchange stories.