It’s a fun thought to consider transforming an office into a pet-friendly workplace. But the reality is a little
complicated—but not un-doable.
Considering whether it’s right or wrong for your workplace involves answering some questions about not
only potential pets that could be brought in, but the people too. Both two-legged and four-legged “employees”
should have guidelines for interactions, emergencies, and spaces that are OK to use. Just because you love your
dog doesn’t mean everyone will—or even should. There are messes, toys, and accessibility to consider, too. In
addition, there may be local rules or safety regulations that provide guidelines for you.
If you get to the point where you decide it’s OK to have pets in the office, emphasis should be on the
health of the pets, as well as the friendliness of the animals toward unfamiliar people and situations. This helpful
graphic walks through various concerns in order to create the best pet friendly workplace.
pet-friendly workplace
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