There is no better testimony of love than dogs and babies. But, the introduction may not always go smooth. You may have to do some prepping before bringing baby home. We can’t deny it, dogs and babies are so cute together. Not all dogs are friends with babies though. Are you planning on bringing a baby to a pet household? There’s some steps you can take. They will make sure the transition goes smooth.
I like to browse the “Pets” section of different classified websites. I often run across an ad offering a pet because the family is expecting a baby.  Now, I’m not here to judge. I don’t know everyone’s individual situation.  People face different trials and tribulations.  Dogs and babies are cute together. But, there are things you can do to help prepare the meeting between dogs and babies.
dogs and babies
When Dray was born in October I knew the pets would provide a challenge. His daddy isn’t too fond of pets. He probably didn’t know what he’s getting into when he met me. If you know me, the pets weren’t going anywhere unless a problem happened.

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So, prior to bringing Dray home I did quite a bit of research. I wanted to make sure that the transition went smooth.  There is a lot of information out there, a ton.

Let me share with you what worked for us.
dogs and babies

Dogs and Babies: The Introduction

Consult with your pets veterinarian and a pediatrician.  They often have amazing advice. They will give you great tips. Ensuring the meeting goes smooth.
Get with a trainer to address any behavior issues.  Are you aware of any behavior issues your pet has? Go ahead and try to get with a trainer to address these issues well before baby is born.  I know, I know.. one more thing for you to do.  But, it’s important.
Invite friends or family over that have small children.  Get your pet used to the thought of a little one being around.  Have multiple play days, give the parents a break and get some hands on training.  Remember to NEVER leave a child alone with a pet! It should always be supervised, regardless how well behaved your pet is!
Make some baby noise!  Play a video of a baby crying, rattle toys, etc.  This will help your pet get used to the new sounds that he or she will be encountering soon.
If you want your pet out of the babies room, create a sturdy barrier.  Is the babies room is a huge no-no to your pet? Make sure you have a sturdy way to keep your pet out of the babies room.
Use baby tools around your pet.  If your dog and you enjoy walks, bring a stroller along often on these walks. This will help get your pet adjusted to it.
Once baby is born, have someone bring something that smells like baby home for your pet to sniff.  Once your baby is born, have your spouse, family member, and/or friend stop by your home with a baby related item. It should  smell like your new baby.
Reward your pet when there is positive behavior.  When your pet sits calmly next to you while you hold baby, reward your pet. Let them know they’re doing a great job.
Never force dogs and babies to meet.  If your pet isn’t interested in baby quite yet, back off.  Forcing your pet to associate with baby could cause a ton of anxiety.
Always remember to never, ever  leave your pet unsupervised around your baby.  You should always be there!
What are your tips on introducing dogs and babies? Or introducing pets and babies in general? Let me know! I’d love to share them. 
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