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I love having the choice to pick my free samples every month with PinchMe. While I am praising PinchMe in this post, it is not sponsored by them. These opinions are 100% my own. I got such an amazing PinchMe box this month. There is no other option but to share it. You can get free samples, too! Just join PinchMe. Plus, it is totally free! If ya’ll really like me – make sure to use my referral code! 

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Free Samples from PinchMe | My July Box

I have used PinchMe for a few months now. The free samples they send out every month are a decent size. Some of their free samples are full sized products. Sometimes you will get great coupons. I got my July PinchMe Box of free samples today. They always send me great samples. But, without a doubt, this is my largest haul from PinchMe.

What’s The Catch With Free Samples From PinchMe?

There’s not really a catch at all when it comes to getting your free samples. The registration is easy. It is completely free. You don’t have to enter any type of payment information. A ton of advertisements don’t pop up when you visit the website. You don’t have to answer a 75 page survey to get your free samples.

The only I guess, catch, would be is that you have to leave feedback after you get your samples. But, the feedback form is so easy. It is only a few questions. It takes no time to complete. When I first began with PinchMe I wasn’t aware you had to leave feedback. So, most of my feedback chances expired. But, once I noticed that I should leave feedback. and how easy it was, I seemed to have more free sample opportunities.

I know that you’re not here to get the 411 on the legitness of my free samples from PinchMe. But, if you are, they are 100% legit. Without a doubt. So, I’ll get on with the show. Check out these awesome free samples PinchMe sent me for July!

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Free Samples From PinchMe!

free samples

Inside My July PinchMe Box! | Free Samples Galore


I can’t wait to try out this product! Plus, the brand has an awesome name. It’s also a product that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint behind. It has natural ingredients like sunflower oil. It also moisturizes skin as well.


Wrinkles never seemed to be something I worried myself with. Honestly, I still feel as if I’m still too young to worry about wrinkles. I think that’s because I’m blind to real world situations. I have wrinkles. I see new ones pop up every day it seems like. I’ve never used a product for the wrinkles. I just pretended like they weren’t there. But, now that I have this free sample, I’m ready to start my 2-week regime.


This one is a little more on the personal side. I’ve used Vagisil products in the past. I’ve never been disappointed. The same goes for this product as well. I have had the chance to shower with it already. It is everything it says it is I believe. There’s no fragrance. I actually felt cleaner after using it, to be honest. I’m glad I received this free sample.


We don’t have any puppies at home. But, I plan on taking these to the shop with me and sharing them with a few puppies. These treats are made in the USA and are all natural. They’re also perfect training treats. Because they only have 3.5 calories in each treat. They are also grain-free as well.


I have sensitive skin. Haley and Dray have sensitive skin, too. The thought of even peeling off a band-aid makes all of us cringe. I have already had the chance to use these band-aids on myself. These are different. I am so glad I got this free sample. Because, this will be the only band-aids I buy from now on. They stick very well. They’re a light blue color. Almost transparent. Also they’re not bulky. Making them less noticeable. They don’t make me itch. When you peel them off, there is no pain. NONE! Plus, if an edge comes off by accident, the band-aid adheres right back to your skin without any fuss. These are amazing!


Vince doesn’t have a lot of hair. So, he doesn’t style it often. But, he promised me he would try this product. The product description claims it only takes a “dab” for full use. They consider a dab about the size of a dime. That is a pretty small amount. Plus, the price isn’t bad either, if that’s all you have to use. The product description also claims that it conditions your hair and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I guess we’ll find out!


I didn’t receive the actual litter system. But, I did get a pretty sweet coupon if I decide to buy it. The coupon is good for a year and it would save me $7 off one of the litter systems. Pretty sweet deal. Especially if they end up going on sale. I could snag it for virtually nothing.


Another great treat training option. They’re all natural. Plus, they are low in calories. Making them a great treat to use for training. I let my Boston Terrier, Pluto, sample a few. He was absolutely in love!


I can not WAIT to try out this free sample. I have very sensitive teeth. I have had many dental surgeries. I have a ton wrong with my mouth. It’s an all natural toothpaste as well. It’s also fluoride and gluten free. It also claims to seal up gum lines to keep bacteria out. I sure hope so.

The free samples in my July PinchMe Box are amazing! You deserve free samples, too. Sign up for your FREE PinchMe account. If ya wanna throw me a thanks, use my referral code! It’s 6HZSP

Do you get free samples to review or just in general? Where’s your favorite place to get free samples from? Let me know! I’d love to try them out. 🙂

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