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Power Their Dreams

I have always been nervous about letting Haley participating in any sports. Haley has left and right front temporal lobe epilepsy. Her seizures are not grand mal seizures. She has what we like to call “staring spells.” That’s exactly what they are. She stares into space for several seconds. Sometimes she will bite her lips during one. Often after one she returns to normal. But, sometimes she is scared after one. They are short lived.

But, my once little girl started kindergarten last week. My baby girl isn’t much of a baby anymore. There are many exciting things that come with kindergarten.They learn new things. Plus, they meet friends that may turn into lifelong friends. Another thing that comes with it is the shine put on extracurricular activities. You know what I’m talking about. The clubs, the sports, and all the fun things that go with school.

Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I must say that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games came just at the right time to spark Haley’s attention. They came right as she began kindergarten. So, now with a new interest in the sports world, Haley wants to venture out. Of course this makes me nervous. But, her seizures are controlled well. So, I made a tough decision. I loosened the reigns a little. Now, I’m ready to help Haley power her dreams.

Olympic Games

It’s hard to believe that the stunning Olympians we see on TV were once little ones. I’m sure many of them had people behind them who powered their dreams. Walmart is a proud supplier of P&G products. P&G is also a proud partner with of the Olympic Games USA Team. They make sure to continue powering Olympians dreams. They have great products that we use every single day. Plus, you can’t deny that Walmart has the lowest prices. You can make sure of that with their Savings Catcher.

One of those products is the Venus® Swirl Razor. I recently was able to try the newest razor added to the Venus® line. Now, let me tell you. My legs are a horror story. Yep, I said it. They are a true horror story. I’m sure there is a meme out there dedicated to my legs. I have never tried a razor that could get it all. Plus, my patience runs thin while trying to shave. Hair removal creams are a huge no-no for me. I always have a reaction afterwards. Then I still have tons of hair still there.

I am not exaggerating when I talk about my new found love, the Venus® Swirl Razor. I will never turn back after trying this amazing razor. One swipe and the hair was gone. Yep, out of here! No prickly left overs. Smooth skin. The scary truth is, I can’t remember the last time I felt smooth skin on my legs. Believe it or not, but how well this razor works isn’t its only feature.

P&G has raised the bar with their sponsorship of the Olympic Games USA Team. They produce products that are used in a large majority of households. Including the Venus® brand. All of these well known brands support Team USA. They want to help Olympians power their dreams. #LetsPowerTheirDreams

Venus® Swirl Razor: What I LOVE About It!

  • The grip. Not all razors are comfortable to hold. This one is! It isn’t too small. It isn’t too big. The grip on this razor feels just right. Plus, the extra padding makes it comfortable to grip.
  • The package. I’m really bad at reading directions when it comes to opening things. I always end up losing the battle. But the package the Venus® Swirl Razor comes in is so easy to open. You can clearly see the perforated edges on the back. It pops out easily. No tearing or wrestling a cardboard box.
  • The blades. I love the blades on this razor. There are five adjustable razors. They adjust individually! Let’s not forget they are also Contour™ blades, too! Easy glide and comfortable.
  • The MoistureGlide™ serum. I really believe there is a lot of power behind this. I have no doubt in my mind it is the genius solution behind the smooth skin this razor leaves behind. But, make sure if you’re laying it on the tub anywhere that you have the cover over the blade. Not just for safety reasons. I made the mistake of not replacing the cover after using the razor. I put the razor on the edge of the tub. The water-activated serum did what it was supposed to do. The razor was stuck to the side of the tub. It did come up though, with a little effort. It didn’t seem to damage the strip any.
  • FLEXIBALL™. I love the FLEXIBALL™ feature of this razor. Plus, it looks cool, too. It’s a cool looking silver ball on the razor. It helps aid those amazing blades in making sure the razor is able to glide over those well earned curves!

I’m still using the Venus® Swirl Razor that I had the pleasure of trying out. But, that’s not stopping me from still price searching. Walmart takes the cake again, ya’ll! You can’t beat the prices. Even if you do go in only for toilet paper and come out with birthday presents, six pairs of socks, a new beanbag chair, and dish rags. They have the best prices on this awesome razor, too. But, even if there is a lower price, Walmart price matches! So, I don’t have to go a long way looking for that better price. Because they just built a Walmart only 5 miles from my house! Talk about more excitement than necessary.

Olympic Games

I can buy school supplies for Haley there, too. It’s always a relief to be able to do one stop shopping. Haley’s interest in sports has exploded. She loves exploring the sporting goods aisles in Walmart. The explosion happened soon after she saw a video of Olympic Games star Gabby Douglas. We are looking into local gymnastic studios to enroll her soon. I know she will do well. She does trip over her own feet. I’m okay with that. Because, it’s more proof that she is mine. Overall, her balance is great.


Haley, once upon a time, enjoyed an activity most kids hate. She didn’t just enjoy it. She asked to do it several times during the day. Her favorite activity was taking a bath. Don’t get me wrong. Bath time is still at the top of her list of priorities. She loves it. So, just imagine her excitement when I brought this beauty out.

Olympic Games

Yep, a lovely towel from the 1996 Olympic Games. I had to pair it with the amazing Venus® Swirl Razor. This towel is old. It’s faded. But, still very soft and usable. Plus, it’s huge! One of its best features. Excitement was the only emotion she knew when she saw this towel. It is now her towel. She even made me write her name on the tag. She has staked claim on the old 1996 Olympic Games towel.

Haley’s passion for sports is her new favorite activity. She eats, sleeps, and dreams sports. Once upon a time, our best bonding happened during bath time. Now, the bonding we get while watching the Olympic Games trumps all. We are excited for her to start gymnastics. I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures and stories. I promise! 😉

I want my kids to always know I’ve got their back. I want to power their dreams. Just like P&G is powering Olympian dreams by sponsoring the Olympic Games USA Team. I let them know I support them. Plus, there is always a listening ear. Even a shoulder to cry on. I want to help them achieve their dreams.

5 Ways I Power My Kids Dreams

  1. I make myself available. As parents, we’re busy. We have a lot to do. But, it’s important to always have time for your children. You want them to be able to confide in you without fear.
  2. I support their dreams. Their dreams may not always match up with mine. But, that’s okay. I still want to support their dreams. Have their backs and make sure they know it.
  3. I get involved. In a way, this ties in with making myself available. I don’t want to be too busy to help them achieve their dreams. But, as adults, we all have things we must do. Sometimes I have to plan time to set aside. I may have to get on the floor and do a half back flip. Because I know my old bones can’t do a full back flip. At least I tried. Plus, it’s great bonding time!
  4. I’m the fan in the stands. So what if moms in the stands embarrass their favorite athletes?! Let them know they will always have a fan with you around. Try to attend as many event as possible. I know work and life doesn’t always make that happen. But, put the effort in. Show them that you will always be there cheering them on.
  5. Never give up on them. Parents are human beings. We get tired, cranky, and happy. Usually all at the same time. Some days it feels easier to just let your kids give up at something. Just to not fight the battle. If they really are ready to quit, I may make them try it one more time. If the dislike is still there, we can do something else. Sometimes kids need a little encouragement. Let them know you will never give up on them. That you know what they are capable of.

Do your kids play any sports? What about you? Let’s hear it for your favorite team! I’d love to get any insight possible on entering the sports world. I’d love to know how you power your kids dreams. Drop me a comment or get with me on social media.

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