I am #OrlandoStrong for the Orlando survivors, families, and victims. June 12, 2016 is a date that is now etched into not just Americans minds. It’s also a date that will be remembered around the world. This day made history as one the largest mass killing in the United States. Regardless of where you are, I’m sure you’re aware of the incident at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. A claimed “terrorist attack.” There were 50 casualties. There were 53 injuries. A few Golden Retrievers from Chicago are bringing smiles to the Orlando survivors. Just as I am, these dogs are also #OrlandoStrong

I’m a social media freak. When I wake up in the morning, I check Facebook first. I normally don’t look at what’s trending. Just browse through my news feed. If I have enough time, I hop on Twitter. If anything is going on the world, I see it first on Twitter. Mainly because the trending hashtags are right there, in your face. So, when I logged into Twitter on 6.12.16 and saw #Orlando and #PulseNightClubShooting trending, I had to look. My heart sunk for not only Orlando. My heart sunk for all of America.

If you haven’t heard of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, I’ll give you a summary. At around 2:00AM EST, on June 12, 2016, Pulse Nightclub, in Orlando, Florida was the scene of the worst mass killing ever reported in the United States. Pulse Nightclub is a popular LGBT nightclub. The shooter has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen. Allegedly, during the attack, Mateen contacted 911 and reported his commitment to ISIS. His attacked claimed the lives of 50 individuals. His attack injured 53 individuals.

Mateen was a US citizen. He was married, divorced once, and has a beautiful daughter. It is believed that the US government had their eyes on Mateen for years prior. But, nothing ever came of it. Both of his parents are Afghanistan citizens. It was later revealed that Mateen posted on Facebook warning of attacks. It was also reported that Mateen may have scoped out Disneyworld prior to the Pulse Nightclub attack. His wife may also be charged in the attack. Due to text messages found after the attacks.

Mateen apparently became outraged when he saw two men kissing. This was allegedly stated by his father to several news outlets. Also reported is that he may have been gay. This was reported by numerous people. Including Orlando victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack. This was also reported by his ex-wife. Several survivors of the attack claimed they chatted with him on LGBT apps.

It’s a horrible thought that this happened here. It’s sad. It’s disturbing. It is amazing how many people have came together. People worldwide have came together. They’re donating to the Orlando survivors. They’re visiting the survivors. In just a few short days a GoFund me campaign broke a record. In four days, the campaign surpassed $5,000,000 dollars. With donors from over 105 countries. Orlando is receiving love worldwide.

The world isn’t the only thing that is #OrlandoStrong. A few Golden Retrievers surpassed their titles. We all know Golden Retrievers are great dogs. Fun, affectionate. They are often used as service dogs. With the right training, they are brilliant. They are a true people pleaser. No wonder they brought light to the lives of several Orlando victims.

orlando survivors

According to Fox News, the Golden Retrievers were “deployed” by a Chicago based Christian organization. The organization is known as K-9 Comfort. Eleven Golden Retrievers were deployed to comfort the Orlando survivors. They also comforted the first responders. K-9 Comfort also comforted survivors from past incidents. They were on the scene after the Sandy Hook massacre. They were also deployed after the Boston Marathon bombing.

It’s a fact that blood pressure may dropped in the presence of a dog. There’s no doubt in my mind this is true. They are beautiful, intelligent creatures. I think it’s an amazing thing what K-9 Comfort is doing. Make sure to check them out on Facebook here.

I hope you’ll remain not just #OrlandoStrong with me. I hope we can #AllUnite.

To those impacted by the Orlando attack, know my family is behind you. My family prays for you. My family is #OrlandoStrong. Never give up. There’s not just a nation behind you. The world is behind you. We support you. We love you.

We are #OrlandoStrong.

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