It’s officially Fall here in Georgia! Well, the season began on September 22. So, unfortunately, we aren’t cool enough yet to enjoy fall activities. But, that’s okay. Because football is already on TV. Pumpkin spice everything is already on the shelves. We’ll get our cooler weather, eventually. Then we can enjoy our boots, scarves, bonfires, and marshmallow roasting nights. But, if you are in a cooler area, you may want to escape to somewhere a little bit warmer. Maybe even come see us down here in Georgia?! If so, you have to check out some of the top fall travel destinations in the South!

I love the Fall. Some may shun me for this, but I’m not a huge pumpkin spice fan. I mean, I like it. But, I can live without it. That doesn’t mean I’m not in love with Fall. Because, I absolutely am. In fact, my whole family loves everything about fall. You can even check out our “Fall Bucket List” here. It includes fun things like bonfires and building a scarecrow! Plus, of course, we can’t forget jumping into a HUGE pile of leaves!

During the Fall, there’s so much to experience in the South. There are carnivals and hayrides. Plus, there are quite a few locations that have beautiful scenery. My family has visited many of these locations. Some of them several times. Then there are the locations you see and hear about. Of course, those are part of our Family Fall Bucket List.

Beautiful fall scenery is available worldwide. I can’t wait for the day where I become a world traveler. I’d love for my whole family to be world travelers. But, until that day. I’d love for ya’ll to fill me in on some of the best fall travel destinations. Because, until I’m worldwide, I’ll have to rely on pictures. 

fall travel destinations

Southern Fall Travel Destinations My Family Has Visited

Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

My family loves Gatlinburg! It’s not too far of a drive from our Georgia home. It takes us about 5 hours to get there. Give or take. Plus, the scenery is beautiful on the way, too. It’s situation in the Great Smoky Mountains. So, you’ll get to enjoy the fall foliage of the mountains.

Scenery isn’t the only thing that makes Gatlinburg great. The area is also family friendly. With plenty of things to do and see. With so many dining options, too.

We enjoyed all of the Ripley’s attractions, too. We’re not sure if we will be able to go this year. But, it’s a fall trip we try to plan every year.

Cherokee, North Carolina

fall travel destinations

Cherokee is another great option for a fall travel destination in the South. Plus, it’s a short drive from Gatlinburg, too. It’s the reservation home for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. The reservation seems to be quite active in the Fall. It’s probably because of the scenery and great choices of entertainment.

There are great local restaurants. We especially like the Pancake House across from the Harrah’s Casino. Plus, you can’t forget about Big Boy’s Restaurant. Which is situated in the heart of downtown Cherokee. The hotel accommodations are nice, too. There’s plenty to do, too. We love the museum.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah may lack in the fall foliage department. That’s if you’re comparing the city to Gatlinburg or Cherokee. But, that doesn’t make the city anymore beautiful. Plus, in the Fall, the weather seems much more tolerable. But, since Tybee Island is so close, you can enjoy the beach, too.

Savannah is a historic city. The hotels are swanky and nice. They have nightly tours. Plus, a lively downtown area. You will have many dining choices, too.

When we visit Savannah we always make sure to eat at a new place downtown. We still haven’t tried them all! The options are endless. We love the candy shop. Plus, the ghost tours are cool. Savannah is supposedly the most haunted city in the country!

The Central Savannah River Area

fall travel destinations

I have to include my own city. That’s because there is so much to do here. I mean, if you’ve lived here a while, you may beg to differ. But, I’d like to think that happens everywhere. But, if you must do a staycation, there are things you can enjoy here! We have great fall foliage, too. Not to mention, we’re fairly central to all the other Southern fall travel destinations. The CSRA is about 2 hours from Savannah. Then about 5 hours from Gatlinburg and Cherokee.

The Augusta Canal is beautiful year round. But, especially nice during the Fall season. If you visit, a Riverboat tour is a must. That’s where you’ll see some great sights. You can even kayak. It’s a great place to work on your photography skills, too.

There are a lot of dining options, too. With a variety of small local businesses downtown. It seems as if the CSRA is big on supporting small businesses. Which is important. Downtown is currently in the process of being built up. Which I’m so excited for. There’s a civic center downtown, too. A lot of popular artists have visit the center. As well as popular traveling shows, too.

Phinizy Swamp is another breath taking scene, too. There’s ponds, wildlife, and so much more. The walking trails are beautiful. This is another great option for putting your photography skills to the test.

Greeneway Park in North Augusta, South Carolina, which is part of the CSRA, is also beautiful. It has a great walking trail, too.

Toccoa, Georgia

My family has never stayed in Toccoa. But, we have passed through on many occasions. Including during our Fall family trips. I must say, it’s a beautiful place! Especially in the Fall. The colors are vibrant. The city is just beautiful. Plus, it lays close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Which is a place that is on my Fall Travel Bucket List.

We always visit Toccoa Falls when passing through, too. Toccoa Falls is a huge, beautiful waterfall. Definitely worth the visit.

I told ya’ll! I am far from a worldwide traveler. I need more experience. Traveling is something I definitely want to do. Bucket list goals, ya’ll. So, I use the internet to travel often. So, I have to tell ya’ll about these other Southern Fall Travel Destinations. They are bucket list worthy. They are on mine. I can’t wait to post about each trip as my family experiences it. 

Great Family Southern Fall Travel Destinations

Blue Ridge Railway

I love the concept of the Blue Ridge Railway. That’s why I think it’d be a great fall travel destination. A train takes you on a ride through the Chattahoochee National Forest. The trip is about 26 miles. It takes about 4 hours. But, has two stops.

Cheaha State Park – Delta, Alabama

fall travel destinations

I have heard that the view at Cheaha State Park is stunning in the Fall. We hope to visit next year!

I have to add to my Fall Travel Destination list, too. So, if you know of anywhere – please let me know!



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