Puppies are so cute! Puppy proofing your house is important. Just like kids, they get into everything. Without proper precautions you may end up with problems. Puppies like to chew on wires. They like to chew on almost anything. Puppy proofing your house is easy. There are products out there that make it easy, too. 

Mack was an adult when we adopted him. He was already house trained. Also, he came made for kids, too. He has shown love for Haley since the day I brought her home. We never had to look up information on puppy proofing your house. Because, well, adopting older dogs is awesome. It is more awesome when they are like Mack.

Pluto was a different story. He was 8 weeks old when I brought him home. I searched the internet a lot when we brought Pluto home. I wish I did more research before I brought him home. It may have made the transition easier. But, we all make mistakes. It was a mistake that cost me a lot of money. The mistake cost me half my sanity, too.

There are a LOT of articles online about puppy proofing your house. I spent a lot of time online looking different tips up. I wonder if I’ve earned my Ph.D in “Puppy Proofing Your House” yet? If not, I deserve one. Please, don’t be silly like me. Puppy proof your house before you bring your new puppy home. Don’t get me wrong. It is possible to puppy proof your house while your new puppy is there. But. it is easier if you do it before hand. Because, it will have to be done.

Puppy proofing your house isn’t a maybe type thing. It should be done. Even a laid back puppy may find danger. A cord may look like a yummy rawhide. That will make a puppies tail wag. But, end up with a possibly hurt puppy. If not a hurt puppy, a lost appliance. So, go ahead and find a way to hide the cords. Because. that’s part of the whole puppy proofing your house process.

puppy proofing your house

Puppy Proofing Your House

Plant Eating Puppies

Plants are great. They add character. Plus, a few help with the air quality in your home. But, there are plants that are poisonous to your pets. They could cause vomiting and diarrhea if your puppy chews on one. In the worst case scenario, death is possible. It’s the sad reality.

To be safe, keep all plants out of your puppies reach. This ensures, if you’re unsure of the plant, that it won’t hurt your puppy. Even a plan not considered poisonous may still cause vomiting and diarrhea.

The American Kennel Club (AKC), has great information on plants that are poisonous to your pets.

puppy proofing your house

Dumpster Divers

Puppies love dumpster diving. Any smell can drive their nose wild. Even if it’s a smell we, as humans, don’t find pleasant. Puppies will even chew on a dirty q-tip if it’s available. That doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?! But, puppies don’t care. It’s a different smell. So, they’re interested. Plus, they discover the world with their mouths.

It’s important to keep trash cans out of reach. The last thing you want is trash strewn throughout your kitchen. Believe me, I’ve came home to that before. It isn’t any fun.

A trash can lock is an amazing invention to cure the puppy curiousness.

Drowning Hazard

A bath tub full of water may seem like fun to a curious puppy. But, it may end up dangerous. Even a sink full of water is a drowning hazard for a puppy. Make sure to keep your puppy away from any places that are full of water. Even if it’s a bucket of water. Unless, of course, you’re getting ready for bath time. But, make sure you never leave your puppy unsupervised during bath time.

puppy proofing your house

Make sure lids are down on toilets, too. Dogs are notorious for drinking out of toilets. Puppies may have to reach a little further to get a drink from the toilet. Which may cause them to fall into the toilet. You should consider toilet locks. Yep, the same way you keep kids from falling in the toilet. Even the tiniest puppy may be able to lift a closed toilet lid.

The same goes with pools, ponds, lakes, etc. If you live near or on any of these. Even if you plan on visiting any of these. Make sure puppies are not allowed around any large amount of water. Make sure pools are secure with a gate. Even with a cover is better than nothing.

Pill Taking and Cleaner Drinking Puppies

Drinking something I clean my floors with doesn’t seem like a great idea. But, to a puppy, it may be the best idea EVER! The taste may make their taste buds happy. Even when it doesn’t make ours that thrilled. All cleaning materials, or anything with a chemical, needs to stay out of reach. Don’t think for a second it’s secure in that plastic bottle either. Pluto can tear through plastic in about 30 seconds. (Keep plastic away, too. Huge choking hazard.)

Same goes with pills. Keep them out of reach. Like in a locked medicine cabinet. Because. if you have kids, it’s not just the puppy you should worry about. Just keep the pills out of reach. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dogs pills, the kids pills, or your pills. Just keep them in a secure, locked place.

Just a word to the wise, a dog will get on a table. Even a small chihuahua can find their way on top of a table. My 16 year old chihuahua, Lucy, climbed onto our dining room table once. We weren’t home. But, you know what she found? Because, we didn’t secure it, she found chocolate candy. She ripped into the box. The whole pound was gone when we got home.

We we’re so lucky during that. All she suffered from was diarrhea. We lost her in July of last year. She was 18. Her life was long. It was fulfilled, too. We’ll always miss her.

Furniture Happens

Almost every house has furniture. Furniture sounds harmless, right? For a puppy it may not be. They are curious. Plus, you’ll often find them everywhere. That includes underfoot. So, while even stepping on them poses a threat, so does furniture. We once cared for a puppy who had a broken foot. It was broken by being under a rocking chair. The owner didn’t notice her puppy was underfoot. She began rocking. It just took a minute.

puppy proofing your house

Puppies also like to hide. Any furniture with an opening big enough for them to wiggle under is a hazard. Don’t under estimate your puppy either. They can wiggle their little bodies under a lot of different places! There are great products you can use that are temporary. So, puppy proofing your house is possible but not permanent.

Yummy Electrical Cords

I’m not a fan of electrical cords at all. I don’t like the sight of them. So, we have already hid ours. But, if you’re getting a puppy and haven’t hid yours, go ahead and do that. Because it can be time consuming. It is best to go ahead and get this out of the way. You’ll already have your hands full with a new puppy.

I’m not the only one who hates the sight of wires. A lot of my family and friends can’t stand it either. The product making industry heard our cries. There are great products out there for controlling wires. In a not so stressful way.

The same goes for blinds. Puppies can become tied up in these cords. This may not always lead to bad things. But, it is possible for the puppy to strangle themselves in the blinds. Not keen on getting rid of the cords? There’s products that help you solve that problem, too.

The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!

Fires are dangerous for everyone. They are dangerous for curious puppies, too. Keep your fireplaces screened off. Don’t let your puppy get near a space heater unattended either. A frisky puppy may tip over a space heater. Fires or open flames that are unattended are a big no-no for kids and puppies!

Store Small Items Up, Up, and Away!

Doesn’t puppy proofing your house seem like a fun day of organizing?! C’mon, you know these are things you needed to do a long time ago. Small items needs to be stored out of reach of puppies. This includes off of counters. Puppies love to climb on things. So, get organized!

Stairs and Other Off Limit Spaces

puppy proofing your house

Stairwells pose a danger to a cute, clumsy puppy. Keep them closed off with baby gates. Same goes for “secret rooms” in your home. You know, the rooms that may pose a danger to the puppy. Or rooms that you just don’t want your puppy in. Keep in mind, some puppies may learn to climb or jump baby gates. You may have to come up with another clever way to keep your puppy out of “no no” zones.

Puppy proofing your house can be tedious. But, these are all things we’ve thought of doing for a while. You know what I’m talking about. Getting organized! If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, it is time to get organized, too! Let me know how you prepare for a new furry addition. I’d love to add to this list!

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