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If you love candy, you need to join the Candy Club! Plus, Candy Club is the #1 candy subscription box available. You’ll get yummy candy delivered to your door monthly. These candies will take you back to the browsing the candy store days. Candy Club provided me with a Candy Club Subscription Box to try out for free. In exchange, I’m providing ya’ll with my honest review on the Candy Club Subscription Box.

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My kid loves candy. She wants candy for breakfast. She wants candy for lunch. She wants candy every second on the second. She’s a true candy fiend. Somewhat of a candy connoisseur. Of course she isn’t allowed to have candy all day. She has to have a real diet in there somewhere. But, I’m not a candy snob either. I let her have her candy and it enjoy it, too!

The look in Haley’s eyes when she was the Candy Club Subscription Box on the front porch was priceless. Her eyes were big. Her grin was huge. The excitement was there. The excitement intensified when I told her we would be doing a Candy Club Review. She loves doing reviews with me. She gets to try out new products. She’s addicted to the toy review channels on YouTube. I’ve actually thought about beginning one. Her excitement would steal the show without a doubt.

candy club review

Candy Club Review

What is Candy Club?

Candy Club is a monthly subscription box service. Every month you’re provided with a box full of premier candy. The candy you receive isn’t your typical grocery store candy. Candy Club offers you more of a nostalgic experience. The monthly subscription box won’t remind you of a hurried grocery store trip. Candy Club will take you back to a time where visiting the candy store was a fun experience.

Once upon a time, before life became fast, going to a store full of candy was every kids dream come true. Now candy stores are not as available. Unless you’re in a tourist city. So, Candy Club has brought back the candy store experience for you. But, by providing a convenience that this “busy” world yearns for. Delivery.

What Kind of Candy Do You Get With Candy Club?

Candy Club has a great option where you can select your own candy. It’s called Pick Your Own Candy. Each month you get to chose 3 of your favorite candies for your box. Plus, in each box, you’ll get a surprise treat sprinkled throughout the box. There’s 50 different candies to chose from. Some nostalgic favorites plus some popular new finds. With Candy Club there’s 7,000 different ways you can make your personalized box.

You can also fill out a taste profile. Then Candy Club will curate a special box just for you. You’ll get three containers of candy just for you. Plus a surprise as well. That’s up to 3 pounds of candy a month! That will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

How Much Is a Monthly Subscription to Candy Club?

There’s three different subscription options that Candy Club offers. There’s the option to buy a month-to-month subscription to Candy Box. They also offer a 6-month subscription and a 12-month subscription. The 12-month subscription seems to be the best value that they offer.

Month-to-Month Subscription: $27.99/month ( shipping)

Prepay 6-Month Subscription: $22.99/month ( shipping) Save over $23!

Prepay 12-Month Subscription Box: $19.99/month ( shipping) Save almost $50!

Pssstt… you can use the coupon code SWEET15 for $15 off your first order!

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Candy Club Review | Gourmet Personalized Candy Delivered To Your Door Monthly!

Candy Club ships their subscription boxes super fast when you order. Mine was at my front door within 5 five days of ordering.

Our mail man left the box at our front door. It sat out there at least five hours before I came home from work. It’s hot and humid here in Georgia right now. So, when I was it on my front porch with the sun beating down on it, I cringed a little. I just knew it had to be melted. The Candy Club Subscription Box is in genius packaging. All the candy was safe from Georgia’s harsh heat and humidity. 
candy club review
In our Candy Club Subscription Box we got an assortment of fun candy. Plus, you don’t have to look up the nutritional value of each candy. Candy Club provides you with an insert inside the box. This insert gives you the nutritional value of each candy in the box. Put Google away. Open and enjoy without the hustle and bustle of the real world. 
candy club review
Each candy that Candy Club sends you comes in its own cute container. Each container has a major jar type lid. The lids are secure on each container. Perfect for storage. The outside of the container is plastic. You can even save these containers for storage or DIY projects down the road. I know I plan to. 😉
There was also a surprise sprinkled throughout the box. Candy Club threw in a ton of wrapped salt water taffy. It was so yummy! Like popping cotton candy right into your mouth. 
candy club review
Of course, my #1 test taster had to be involved in this review. I wouldn’t have got away with doing it alone. She can’t hear me call her name. But, she can hear a candy wrapper open three houses down. Opening candy in this house without peering eyes is impossible. Needless to say, this was one of her “most favorite” reviews ever. She gives Candy Club double thumbs up. She keeps asking when we’ll get our next box!
candy club reviewcandy club review
candy club review

Candy Club Review | What’s In The Box?!

Sorry for teasing you without pictures of yummy candy. Especially since I haven’t filled you in on what was in our Candy Club Subscription Box!

Before I continue with our Candy Club Review, know that every piece was delicious. The taste does take you back to candy shop days. Candy Club is really offering something life changing. This subscription box will let you relive your childhood memories every month. You can’t put a price on childhood memories, that’s for sure!

candy club review



Gimbal’s 41 Flavors Gourmet Jelly Beans

Gimbal’s offers yummy gourmet jelly beans. With 41 different flavcandy club reviewors, they’re sure to make someone you know happy. These jelly beans are soft and chewy. A winning choice for the Candy Club Subscription Box.

The best part is that these jcandy club reviewelly beans contain no allergens!







Dorval Wild Cherry Sour Power Belts

These things are amazing! Plus they are so long. That means they’re not a quick eat. candy club reviewYou actually get to enjoy them. They take you back to candy shop days without a doubt. They took me back to movie theater days a little bit as well. So good!

candy club review








Gimbal’s Orange N’ Creme Soft Chews

The Gimbal’s Orange N’ Creme Soft Chews are amazing. Plus they’re exactly what they say they are. There are no surprises. They’re soft and yummy. Not sticky soft. Marshmallow soft. candy club reviewThey also taste just like orange n’ creme. Pretty much life chewing on a delicious, soft orange cream soda packed into a little round treat. This container is actually almost gone at our house.

candy club review

SURPRISE! Sweet’s Cotton Candy Taffy
Talk about a neat treat. Sprinkled throughout the Candy Club Subscription Box were yummy Sweet’s Cotton Candy Taffy!

When they say cotton candy, they mean it. These little individually packaged treats taste just like popping cotton candy in your mouth. The only difference is the added stickiness of taffy.


candy club review


We absolutely loved having the chance to do this Candy Club Review. This subscription box was amazing. I can’t wait to have it delivered to my door every day!

If you’re ready to start your Candy Club Subscription, you can sign up here. Don’t forget to use coupon code SWEET15 at checkout to receive $15 off your first order!