Disney World Guides – Zoe Has Them!

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to a smart young woman. Her name is Zoe London. She’s a 17 year old student from Ontario. She’s hoping to make some money to further her education. So, she’s created Guides by Zoe. These aren’t your regular, run of the mill guides. These are amazing guides that give you a look into Disney World. Yep, Disney World Guides!

Zoe’s Disney World Guides are informative. They are well written. Plus, the pictures are amazing. She also has them reasonably priced. Her website is easy to navigate. Plus, it isn’t cluttered. This young lady has a good head on her shoulders. Plus, I don’t think you can find this much information about Disney World on the web anywhere. I’d be surprised if you found Disney World guides that are more informative.

Disney World Guides

Zoe’s Disney World Guides

In the short interaction I’ve had with Zoe, I’d say she’s an original. She seems kind. You won’t find many 17 year old’s with a head on their shoulders like her. She was even kind enough to send me a free copy of her “Magic Kingdom for Toddlers.” We are waiting until Dray is a little older to take the family to Disney World. But, when I do I will bring along her guide. That’s a for sure thing.