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Summer is finally here. School’s out. The sun is out. The water is warm. Many of us are gearing up for vacation. How many of ya’ll will be visiting the beach? I know it’s In our plans. But, what about Fido? Maybe he’d like to sip a margarita. Put his paws in the sand. (Totally kidding about the margarita. Alcohol is a no-no for dogs!) Thankfully, there are plenty dog friendly beaches.

Every summer we look forward to at least one vacation. It usually involves sand, water, and sunburns. Yep, the beach. Although last year we went to Gatlinburg, TN. Mainly because I was 8 months pregnant. Nope, couldn’t do the whole bathing suite thing. The beach we visit isn’t dog friendly. But, it’s the closest. And, for right now, we can’t do the whole travel too far thing. So, we stick to close. We just have someone we trust come in and let them out, feed them, etc. But, the beach you visit may be dog friendly! Or there may be another alternative near by.

So, my dream vacation would include the beach. The beach, a margarita, my family, and my two grumpy dogs. Sun shining. Toes, or paws, in the sand. Let me add, I’m pretty allergic to seafood. But, I love me some shrimp. So, yeah, wevisit a few seafood restaurants when we’re on vacation time. We’ve never rented a beach house. We always stay in a hotel. Constantly checking on our fur children back home.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. I’m ready for beach time. Whose with me?! If you’re ready, and ready to bring Fido along, check out these awesome dog friendly beaches. Maybe there is one near you!

dogs and kids beaches

Dog Friendly Beaches

Dip Your Paws Into The Water at These Dog Friendly Beaches

dog friendly beaches

Huntington Island State Park, Beaufort, SC

Huntington Island State Park is 16 miles from Beaufort. Beaufort is a historic area of South Carolina. It’s a 5,000 acre park. The beach coast goes for 3 miles. You can also let your dog dip his toes in the sand as well. As long as their on a leash. They must have a 6′ length leash attached to them. Huntington Island State Park is not just a dog friendly beach. You can also enjoy the lighthouse. Do you enjoy fishing? This would be a great spot to do that. You can also enjoy crabbing.

dog friendly beaches

Fort De Soto Park Paw Playground, Tierra Verde, Florida

The Park Paw Playground is part of the award winning dog friendly beaches family. It’s located within the Fort De Soto Park. This park is in beautiful Tierra Verde, Florida. If you think of dog friendly beaches, this should come to mind. Park Paw Playground is pretty much a beachy dog park! There’s a designated area for dogs to run without leashes. There’s also two separate fenced in areas for dogs. They’re separated for small and big dogs. There’s so much to do at the Fort De Soto Park as well. You can enjoy 3 miles of beautiful sandy beach. White sandy beach. That’s something worth tweeting about. There’s also a huge campsite. Camping under the stars + the beach = winning family summer vacay.

dog friendly beaches

Dog Beach, Ocean Beach, California

Another popular choice among dog friendly beaches. Dog Beach is located in San Diego, California. This beach has literally went to the dogs. All breeds and sizes are welcomed. Plus, you don’t need a leash! This beach is perfect if you’re a social butterfly. There’s often 100+ dogs on the beach daily. They visit at all times of the day! This is like doggie beach heaven. They can definitely live like someone left the gate open here.

dog friendly beaches

Pacific City, Oregon


Pacific City is a great getaway for a relaxing vacation. You won’t find all the hustle and bustle here. You can enjoy all things beach life in Pacific City. Plus, horses are welcomed as well! Who wouldn’t love a horseback ride on the beach?! I know I would.

dog friendly beachesMontrose Dog Beach – Chicago, Illinois

Another great dog friendly beach. It has literally gone to the dogs. Montrose Dog Beach is located in Chicago, Illinois. It’s a dog friendly + off leash beach. You can find out more about MonDog here.

A great website to see a ton of pet friendly travel destinations is BringFido.Com. I would recommend them if you’re looking for vacation time with your pet.

After all these beach pictures, who is ready for sweet summertime now?! I know I am. Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Are you taking your pet(s) with you? I’d love to hear your ideal pet friendly vacation spots!