Free Blogging Tools: 5 I Can’t Live Without

It’s not an understatement when I say I love blogging. Especially since I started the “dogs + kids” blog. That’s because I’m combining my three passions. My kids, the pet industry, and writing. It’s true when they say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. But, my blog would never flourish if it was just my knowledge compiled in it. Because when I began blogging, I had not freakin’ idea what I was doing. That’s why I am thankful for some timeless free blogging tools. 

So, if you’re a new blogger, you know how time consuming blogging can be. Some may think that it’s a piece of cake. Sure, play on the internet, write about your life. All that’s easy, right? WRONG! As a blogger, you want your audience to trust you. So, you edit your blog post a million times. It may even take you a few days to write a post. You take a gazillion pictures. Then you learn Photoshop or use a few cool photo editing tools (you’ll find a few below!). You spend so much time perfecting your blog layout, pages, posts, sidebars, etc. But, if you’re spending all your time doing this – how will you ever create another honest blog post?

That may seem like a silly question. But, it isn’t. When I first began blogging, when I was blogging tools stubborn, I spent hours perfecting one blog post. While I am spending time behind a screen, I’m missing out on some major post opportunities. In order to create content, you have to be able to experience life. Once I began noticing how blogging was taking over my life, I had to find a different way. Because, now I wasn’t creating content. I was too focused on making sure my layout was perfect. But, nobody was coming to my blog to check out my layout. They were coming for content. Content I barely updated. All because I was too wrapped up in my blog to find content opportunities outside of the computer screen.

I had to find a blog/life balance. So, I began looking up ways to maximize your time as a blogger. Well, it worked. I discovered so many handy free blogging tools. Tools that would help me create better content but, at a faster pace. Goodbye working on a blog post for days! (While this still happens sometimes, I do have an 11 month old and 5 year old, it isn’t as often.) I did run into a few tools that were duds. I mean, they didn’t benefit my blog. But, who knows, they may benefit another blog. But, then there are a few blogging tools I fell in love with.

So, bloggers and soon-to-be bloggers, don’t you want to create trustworthy content? Well, in order to create content, you have to experience content. So, get ready for less screen time. All thanks to the amazing blogging tools. I’m being honest when I say stay way from being blogging tools stubborn. These 5 tools are going to save you time and enhance your content. The best part? They all have a free option available!

free blogging tools

5 Free Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without!

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a great editing tool. It makes sure your content is user friendly. It does this by making sure your blog post is easy to read. Life is busy. We all know that. So, you want to make sure you blog posts are easy to read. People don’t have time to try and translate every blog post they read.

So, what are all the features of the Hemingway Editor? Well, there are many.

  • Two different modes to compose your blog post in. Either “Write” or “Edit”
  • Readability Scale
  • Word Counter
  • Paragraph Counter
  • Sentence Counter
  • Characters Counter
  • Letters Counter
  • Read Time Counter
  • Shows sentences hard and very hard to read
  • Shows alternative phrases. Phrases that have a simpler alternative.
  • Points out adverbs that need to be removed
  • Shows when you’re using passive speech. Plus, lets you know how often you should use a passive voice.
  • Available Desktop App. But, you can use the editor without a download on your computer or smart phone!

PicMonkey is a great blogging tool to help you enhance your blog post images. Plus, you can create blog post images with the program, too. It’s drag and drop so it’s easy to use, too. I have the Royale option. It’s a paid option. But, the free option offers plenty of great features, too. But, I must say that Royale is worth the price. Plus, they offer a free 7 day trial of Royale. PicMonkey offers great features, too.

  • Easy upload. You can upload pictures from your computer, your PicMonkey Hub (a new feature!), Facebook, or OneDrive.
  • There’s an app for PicMonkey, too! It’s even available on Android. 😉 The app is super convenient. Plus, it’s easy to use.
  • You can do basic edits to your designs/photos.

Basic Edit Features

  • Crop
  • Canvas Color
  • Rotate
  • Exposure (Auto adjust option!)
  • Colors (Auto adjust option!)
  • Sharpen
  • Resize

There’s also other great features that PicMonkey offers, too.

  • Effects
  • Touch Up
  • Text
  • Overlays
  • Frames
  • Textures
  • Themes

So, if you’re far from a graphic designer, like myself, you’ll appreciate PicMonkey!

SEO Programs

Do you want your blog to be noticed? If so, you’ll need some amazing SEO. What is SEO? It’s “Search Engine Optimization.” In order to reach a broad audience, you’ll want search engines to pick up your blog. A few great, easy tools help you with that.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a great SEO tool built for WordPress. There are free and paid options. It’s easy to optimize each of your blog posts with this blogging tool, too. The program give you tips on optimizing your posts for search engines. The tips are simple things to do. Such as picking a focus keyword, adding more keywords in the post, and much more. I can only speak for the free version. But, I feel like it has helped me immensely.


SEO by Squirrly is another great SEO post optimization tool. They also offer paid and free options. I can only speak on the free option. It’s easy to research trending keywords. Plus, SQUIRRLY even finds you images that match your keyword that you can use on your blog. This blogging tool also gives you simple tips to better optimizing your SEO.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This is another great blogging tool. With the Google Analytics Dashboard you can easily see that stats for your WordPress blog. You can see how many visitors you get, where they are coming from, and a lot more.


Canva is another great tool. With this easy to use tool, you can create blog post images or even create infographics. It is a drag and drop builder, so it’s easy to use. There are a lot of freebies included with Canva. But, if you see something you like that isn’t free, each option is only $1! So, affordable, too. Similar to PicMonkey with different options.

These are my top 5 blogging tools that I love! Do you have any tricks on minimizing your time behind a computer screen as a  blogger? Please let me know! I’m still learning. So, any tips or tricks are appreciated.