Kindergarten, I Wasn’t Ready For It

Children bring a lot of joy to our lives. They show us a new beginning. I can’t remember life before Haley. But, there was one milestone I wasn’t ready for. That milestone is kindergarten. Haley began kindergarten over two weeks ago. Still, I am not prepared for it. Meeting new people is hard for me as it is. But, that didn’t stop Haley’s excitement for kindergarten. She was ready. I wasn’t. 

I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Okay, a bit doesn’t cover it. I procrastinate every single day of my life. I’m working on it. So, I had Haley’s kindergarten supplies ready. I had them ready before the first day. That made me thrilled. She had her binders, her pencils, crayons, everything was ready. She was ready. Her supplies were ready. Well, I say everything was ready. Everything was ready but one thing. That was me.

On Haley’s first day of kindergarten, her daddy met me there. We’re divorced. But, I’d say we co-parent better than most parents that are together. We spend equal time with her. We make sure that we both stay involved in all aspects of her life. Together we walked her to her classroom and said “see ya later.” I didn’t cry. I was sure I would, but I never did. Then he headed home. I headed to work.

When her first day of kindergarten let out, I was at work. Her grandma and papa picked her up from her first day. I shared the picture below of her being walked to the car. Within an hour, it had 100 shares. She had a great first day of school. She even got her first smiley face. The first day we didn’t even have to worry about homework. Those circumstances changed. We have homework every night. But, she enjoys doing it.

kindergarten milestones

My little girl is a bit needy. But, most days, I don’t mind. But, I see changes since she began kindergarten. She is independent. I walked her to her classroom this morning. A little girl was in front of us. Her mother was with her, too. The little girl let go of her mom’s hand. Then Haley let go of mine. That is when my heart sunk. That’s when the light bulb went off. I’m not ready for kindergarten. So, I didn’t cry on her first day. But, today, I cried the whole way home. She has never let my hand go before.

She always wants mommy right there. To hold her hand. She even asks me to carry her on a regular basis. It reminded me of a popular video that has circulated my social media feed lately. A mom in the car, crying, because her son isn’t ready for kindergarten. She talks about how he’s not ready to stay still for 7 hours. She even touches on how the teacher doesn’t know he needs so many kisses every few minutes. Of course, the video has a funny ending. But, I felt like that mom this morning. She was ready, I wasn’t.

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But, she has to grow older. I know this. I am aware of this. But, it’s so hard to let go. She will always be my little 7lbs 2oz 21 1/2 inch baby girl. I am starting to let the reigns go a little bit every day. But, I hope she always remembers, mama has her back. Forever and always.

Kindergarten: Let’s Get Prepared!

I can’t believe it. My 7lb 2oz baby girl starts kindergarten in just a little over a month! Talk about one nervous mama. I can only imagine how I will feel when she begins middle school. I’ll probably feel seriously nuts when she starts high school. But, maybe it will get easier. Because, I’ll know it’s coming. I’ll know what to expect. Who am I kidding?! I never know what to expect. Especially with kids. 

I’m your typical unprepared human. I’m usually late. I’m never prepared. If I am prepared, I feel like superwoman. I need a cape on those days. I wait until the last minute. I’m a horrible procrastinator. A really bad one. My oldest starts real school in just a little over a month. Would you like to know how prepared I am? I don’t know. Probably about 10%. I only say 10% because I ordered her some school clothes. Yes, this little angel is going to kindergarten.


The thought of kindergarten made a light bulb go off. Yep, the kind you see in cartoons. I just know there was one right over my head. With Haley being in school I have to be prepared. See, she’s been around kids. Mostly family. She has went a few times to daycare. She’s also stayed with a few babysitters. But, her real school exposure is almost nonexistent. Don’t get me wrong. She’s smart. Very smart. But, this is the first time I’ve done this. I know a few people who have younger kids. But, they are still years past kindergarten. Their memories are as bad as mine. When I ask about being prepared, I usually get the same response.

“Girl! I can’t remember that far back. Plus, so much has changed since then.”

Now I’m back to square one. Here I go again on my own. But, in reality, I’m never alone. Because I know that Mr. Google will ALWAYS be there to support me. To have my back. To answer my unanswered questions. Also to scare the crap out of me. To make me think that a sore on my leg is a flesh eating disease. It’s a love/hate relationship if you know what I mean.

Thankfully Google also leads me to legit websites most of the time. Websites like our county board of education. As long as I put in the right search terms. Thankfully they have a supply list posted for each school. This was a lifesaver in its self. I didn’t have to make an extra trip to the school. I didn’t have to wait until Open House. Which is only 3 days before school starts!

I was also directed to many informational blogs and websites. These references gave me list after list of important “what to know’s” about kindergarten. I’m telling ya’ll, bloggers are lifesavers! They do the research. You reap the benefits. Support bloggers! 

So, if you have a little one starting kindergarten, I hope this guide I put together helps you out. It’s been my personal reference for about a week now. It has been a lifesaver. I like to see things wrote out. So, having the information right there in front of me, I can check it off as I go.


Kindergarten Supply List (2016-2017)

Keep in mind: these are the supplies that are listed on the supply list for our local county. Your may be different. But, I’m sure some things are the same.

Composition Books (4)

Elmer’s Glue


No. 2 Pencils (1 box)

Crayons (2 boxes)

1″ Economy Binder With Plastic Front Cover (1)

Glue Sticks (4)

Headphones (1)

Wide-Ruled Lined Paper (1 pack)

Student Scissors (1)

The below items were listed as optional items.

Hand Soap

Hand Sanitizer

Dry Erase Markers

Colored Pencils

Assorted Markers

Construction Paper

Baby Wipes

Disinfectant Wipes

Block Style Erasers

White Copy Paper (1 pack)

I did a little scouring on other websites as well. I found some extra supplies that may be on your kindergarten supply list.

Clean Gym Shoes (leave at school)

Yellow Highlighters



Ziploc Bags

Lunchbox (if they will not be eating school lunch)




Documents For Kindergarten Registration

When you register your child for kindergarten, there are a few documents you may need. 

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Proof of Immunizations

Proof of Dental and Hearing Exam

Proof of Residency (cable bill, electric bill, etc.)

Your Government Issued ID

I was under the impression I would not have to pre-register Haley for kindergarten. So many people told me I would just do it at open house. I’m glad I checked our local board of education website way before open house. Because, I already missed the early registration. I only had so many days to register her. So, make sure you know when Kindergarten registration for your area is! This should be available on your board of education website. You can also call the school in which your child plans on attending.


Before Kindergarten: Personal Information Your Child Should Know

Remember, each child learns at a different pace. Maybe your child can not remember these things. Maybe your child is like Haley. Haley has the good ole trusty “selective memory.” It doesn’t mean something is wrong. While knowing these things is important, they may not get it right away. They’ll get it eventually. They’ll be graduating college before you know it!

Their First & Last Name

How to adjust their clothing before and after they use the bathroom.

Use the bathroom alone and know to wash their hands after each bathroom trip.

Able to remove, and put on, any outerwear.



Before Kindergarten: Social Skills Your Child Should Have

Share with other children.

The ability to participate in group activities.

Able to handle problems, or conflict, without becoming aggressive and/or physical.

Know the boundaries of certain interactions (touching, kicking, etc.)


Before Kindergarten: Personality Skills Your Child Should Have

Able to follow a routine.

Asks for help when there is a problem.

Be able to listen to a story for 10-15 minutes.

Clean up messes they make.

Able to follow directions that have 2-3 steps.

Speaks clearly without having to point out clues to what they’re saying.



Before Kindergarten: Reading & Writing Skills

Enjoys having story read to them and shows interest in the stories.

Can listen to a story and then tell you what happened during the story.