4 Ways I Make Money Blogging

I wish I could say I have 100k page views a month. But, I can’t. Because it wouldn’t be the truth. My page views still have not hit 10k. I can still make money blogging. Because there is one thing I do have. That’s a loyal audience. A loyal audience that trusts me. I want to make sure my blog audience and social media followers can connect with me. So, I’d hope, that they trust my insight. So, my audience knows that if I recommend a product it isn’t just for the compensation. It’s because I truly believe in the product or service. 

There was a lot of research involved when I decided to monetize my blog. I wanted to make sure I went with trusted brands, brands I trusted, trusted influencer networks, and well known advertisement networks. During my search I stumbled upon many ways that claimed to help you make money blogging. But, only a few came through on that promise at a fast rate. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s several networks I trust. But these networks in particular have delivered what they promised. They delivered it at a fast right. I trust these networks without a doubt.

make money blogging

4 Ways I Make Money Blogging


IZEA (affiliate link) is a great way to make money blogging. But, you don’t even have to be a blogger. There are also influencer opportunities on social media. IZEA is easy to use. Plus, IZEA is proactive when you have low page views. They reached out to me for many campaigns. With all of those campaigns, I made $100 each assignment.

Opportunities with IZEA I Have Participated In

  • Tweets on Twitter

I have accepted many proposals that involved me tweeting a tweet on Twitter. Payment varies from $1 – $8 per tweet. Although, if your following is large, you may receive larger compensation

  • Editing Product Descriptions

An IZEA rep reached out to me personally via e-mail about a couple projects. They were simple. I just edited product descriptions. Most of the work and research was already done. These projects took about an hour a piece. Each assignment I made $100 .

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Is IZEA Free?

IZEA does offer a free plan for Creators. But, they also offer a Basic and Pro plan, too. The free plan has a lot of great perks, though! I was with a free plan when they reached out to me about the product description projects.

Free Plan
  • You can up to 5 free bids a month
  • You must accumulate up to $100 to cash out. But, there is an option to pay $3 to cash out early.
  • 10 URLs for your ShareMonitor
  • 1 SocialShare Group
Basic Plan ($1/Month)
  • You get unlimited bids
  • You only need to accumulate $50 to cash out. But, you have the option to pay $2 to cash out early.
  • 50 URLs for your ShareMonitor
  • 2 SocialShare Groups
  • Your own vanity URL
Pro Plan ($5/Month)
  • Unlimited bids
  • Only $1 to cash out. But, you only need to accumulate $25 to cash out without an early cash out fee.
  • 250 URLs for your ShareMonitor
  • 10 SocialShare Groups
  • Vanity URL
  • Your issues always go to the top of the list
  • A neat banner showing your an IZEA Pro Member

One2One Network

You can read my rave review about One2One Network here. One2One came onto the scene when social media was just beginning to sprout. They debuted in 2008. They work with some popular brands, too. It seems as if their e-commerce reviews always come with a bonus Amazon gift card, too!

My biggest campaign with One2One Network was the Graco E-Commerce Campaign. I received a Graco Modes LX Travel System. My family named it the “Rollys Royce of travel systems” for quite a while. I also received an Amazon gift card as a thank you for my participation from the One2One Network Gals!

This network has exciting opportunities. They compensate you fast, too. I have no done a sponsored blog post campaign with them, yet. It seems as if the page views for these opportunities are in the 100k range. So, I’m not quite there. But, you can make money blogging with them, too.

It’s free to join the network. Plus, you don’t have to be a blogger to join. Being a social media influencer is just a nice as far as One2One is concerned.


Linqia has 100K dedicated social influencers that are a part of their network. Plus, their reach in the United States is 244 Million! I recently accepted my first Linqia campaign. This a true, beneficial way to make money blogging. You earn money for writing for brands that match your blog. The setup is also a great way to spread the word that your blog exists.

Their payout is fast, too. Payout comes within 10 days! The average payout for each campaign is $200 . They also give you plenty of time to create your content.

Requirements to Join Linqia
  • 2,500 blog visitors or social media followers
  • Update your blog or primary social media channel at least once a month
  • Live in North America
  • If you’re a blogger, you must have a RSS feed

It’s free to join. They try to match you with a campaign within 3 months of you becoming a member.


Share-A-Sale is an affiliate program. Pretty much, you apply for the opportunity to advertise brands on your website. Some of the brands require you go through a waiting process. This is so they can review your website. While others have an auto-approval system.

Each time someone clicks on one of your links or banners containing your Share-A-Sale affiliate link, and makes a purchase, you receive a percentage.

Some of the programs will even send you free products in exchange for your review on your blog or social media. Some even send out e-mails with blog post opportunities. Where they will compensate you for writing a blog post on a specific topic. Even if nobody buys anything.You may even find a few that pay for ad placement on your blog. Pretty sweet, huh?

Share-A-Sale Merchants That Offer Paid Blog Post Opps Paid Ad Placements

Do you monetize your blog or social media? If so, how do you make money blogging? Or how do you make money using social media? I’m always looking for new ways to expand my reach. I love helping people out!