12 Pet Apps Pet Owners Should Download!

Technology is a cool thing. We pretty much can use our phones for anything.  We can shop, read, get directions, take pictures, and so much more.  Many of us even use our smartphones or tablets to organize our lives.  We use apps for recipe ideas, making list, shopping, and even banking.  I know quite a few people who use their smartphones to help manage their fitness and healthy lifestyle.  Technology has came a long way.  I am almost 100% positive at this point, we’d be lost without it.

We love to download apps for us.  But, what about our other family members?  I’m not talking about for our children or spouses.  We consider them our children, our petsThere are so many great pet apps you can download!  You use apps to manage your daily life.  Why not use them to help manage your pets daily life, too?  Check out 12 pet apps that ALL pet owners should download!


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12 Pet Apps All Pet Owners Should Download

1.)  Doggie Boogie – I have so many blurry pictures of my dogs in my phone.  It’s hard to get them to sit still for a picture.  When I do, it’s a pure miracle!  Doggie Boogie is the ultimate way to get a picture of your moving pup.  The app makes noises that spark your dogs interest.  Your dog will then be interested in photography time.  Doggie Boogies also has awesome filters you can add.  You even have the option to share your pups pictures on social media.

2.)  BringFido – Going on vacation and can’t bear to think of Fluffy staying home alone?  BringFido has a solution for you!  With this app you can search for pet friendly hotels.  You can narrow your search down by location.  With BringFido you can also read the pet policy for each hotel and get pricing.  They also list pet friendly activities nearby, once you select a hotel.  Don’t leave Fluffy behind!  Find somewhere you two can go together with BringFido.

3.)  Pavlog Dog Monitor – $1.99 | Only available for the iPad.  Do you have a barking dog? A dog that has issues coping while you’re gone?  Then you should check out the Pavlog Dog Monitor app for the iPad.  This awesome app costs $1.99, but it’s like a behavior nanny for your dog.  You’ll have to check it out to believe it!

4.)  Whistle – For this app to work, you must have a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attached to your pets collar.  As long as the pet tracker is on your dogs collar, you can locate your pet.  This is great if your pet is known for roaming, or if your pet becomes lost.  Not only does it track your pets location, it can also set reminders and even track your pets health.

5.)  DoggyDatez – We have play dates for our children, so why not dog dates for our dogs?  With DoggyDatez, doggy dates are the real thing!  If you’re out walking Fido, DoggyDatez will show others nearby that are walking their dog, too.  The best thing is, they also just aren’t walking their dog.  But, are looking for socialization, too!  Have your next doggy date thanks to DoggyDatez!

6.) Pet FirstAid – Accidents happen.  Know what to do when a pet accident happens with Pet FirstAid.  This app has detailed articles and information on pet accidents that may happen.  You have a first aide plan.  Shouldn’t your pet have one, too?  They can with Pet FirstAid!

7.) MapMyDogWalk – This is a great app if you’re working on your fitness, or Fido’s fitness.  With MapMyDogWalk you can track distance, elevation, pace, and speed.  This app does all this when you and Fido are taking your walk.  Get fit with MapMyDogWalk!

8.) iKibble – iKibble is an extensive list of foods that are okay and not okay for your pets.  Not doggie food, but human food.  If you’re a serial offender that gives their pets table scraps – you should check out iKibble!

9.)  Petcentric by Purina – Petcentric by Purina is a pet owners paradise.  Petcentric allows you to see pet friendly establishments.  You can also see places that offer pet services.

10.)  Ask A Vet – $0.99 | AskAVet is a wonderful app.  You can use this app to ask a real veterinarian questions.  It make a few day to get an answer, so not ideal for emergencies.  But, really an app isn’t ideal for pet emergencies at all.

11.)  CatBook – Do you just love your cat?  Do you share a lot of pictures of your cat or cats?  Then CatBook is perfect for you!  CatBook is designed for cat lovers everywhere and is a cat lovers social media paradise.  It works a lot like Facebook, just dedicated to cats.  Jump on the cat social media band wagon + get CatBook!

12.)  Dosecast – Need to remember when to give your senior dog his arthritis medicine?  What about giving mothly heartworm and flea prevenative?  Stay on track with Dosecast!  You can schedule your pets medications and when you need to give them.  This is a handy tool for busy pet owners.

Do you have any pet apps you recommend for managing your pets lives?  Let me know! I’d love to try them out!