5 Pet Grooming Tools Your Dog Needs!

5 Pet Grooming Tools Your Dog Needs!

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Keeping your pet groomed isn’t just about looks. A poor coat, bad breath, or itchy skin may mean more than you realize. There are a few steps you can take at home to keep your dog healthy and looking great. There’s also a few great pet grooming tools out there that will make your life easier. I bet you might find a few professional groomers who would also recommend these pet grooming tools. 

Working at a pet grooming salon isn’t easy. Sure, we get to play with cute pups all day. It is so much more than that, though. People in the pet grooming industry are on their feet 9+ hours a day. Their normal lunch consists of being able to shove 3,500+ calories in their mouth in 7 seconds flat. Their busiest times are during the holidays. Which means less time with their families. They dedicate a lot of time to make sure our pets look great.

Pet grooming is also scary. It doesn’t matter if your dog has not bit anyone in the past 12 years. A pet groomer isn’t mommy or daddy. A pet groomer is a new person. A pet groomer could be considered a threat. But, dogs don’t bite just out of anger. They will bite out of fear. Fear biters are the worse biters in my opinion. They’ll also bite if they hurt.

We may tell you your dog bites us. Don’t automatically put the blame on us. We are bit every single day. That doesn’t mean were yanking your dogs legs out of socket. That doesn’t mean we tried to knock your dog out with a hairbrush. Your pet was having a bad day. At that time we weren’t making it any better. So, in return, we have a bite now. 

Pet grooming gets messy, too. I hope when you get your hair done you don’t poop on your hair stylist’s chair. But, your dog may poop on a pet groomers table. They really like to poop after a bath. Then they run through it like wild hyenas. Have you ever smelled the “anal glands” smell?! You won’t forget it if you have. It’s just as disgusting as it sounds. Plus, who doesn’t love a little ankle biter, that isn’t neutered, that decides to hike on your leg?! Or better yet, hike all over the grooming shop.

We can’t forget those dogs who aren’t used to grooming. The ones that do in alligator roll every time they hear the clippers turn on. They may even express their anal glands during this. Right after a fresh bath. Don’t even think about taking nail clippers near their feet. Shoot, don’t even think about looking at their feet! You may get donkey kicked right in the gut.

That’s why, as pet owners, we have to come together. We have to save pet groomers from the way our little stinker pet children act. We whine when a haircut isn’t perfect. I think your stylist would have a hard time getting yours perfect, too, if you were jumping all around in the seat. We complain about the price. Think about it this way. What do you get when you visit the person who does your hair? Probably a shampoo, cut, dry, and style. Your pet gets a full bath, pedicure, manicure, cut, brush, style, anal gland expression, and tooth brushing. Plus, they may even get a cute little accessory to go with their new style. Like a bandanna, bow, or even colorful extensions. That’s one heck of a deal.

The pet grooming process is harder when a dog isn’t familiar with grooming. Even a brush may make an unfamiliar dog nervous. That’s why it’s important to do routine grooming at home. It will get your pet used to the feel of grooming. Your pet will become comfortable around pet grooming tools, too.

For three years I have worked in a local grooming salon. There’s one question that I am asked at least three times a week. “What are the best pet grooming tools to use on my dog?” Normally the pet owner isn’t using the right brush for that dogs coat. They may not be using a shampoo suit for their pets skin. Some may not know the best nail clippers to use. Especially those pet owners who are scared of clipping their dogs nails.

There are great pet grooming tools out there on the market. Many of them come with safety features. These features will ease your mind when it comes to “hurting” your dog during grooming.

Below are five grooming tools I believe your dog could use. They’re respected brands in the grooming industry. They are also pet grooming tools that we use daily at our grooming shop. Our groomers are amazing, too. Many years in a row we have won the award for “Augusta’s Best: #1 Pet Grooming.” I live in an area where the population is 760k+. So, I think that’s an accomplishment worth bragging about.

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5 Pet Grooming Tools Your Dog Needs!


Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder

I have used Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder for 7+ years. It’s a miracle when it comes to those black dog toe nails. Sometimes it’s hard to see the blood vein in black nails. You may cut a nail too close. This can lead to bleeding. A lot of time this can freak pet parents out. Especially if it feels like it is bleeding a lot! 

With the Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder you can put those “bleeding fears” to rest. Just a dab of this yellow, chalky powder will stop the bleeding. It is so simple to use. You put a little on the tip of your finger (or a q-tip) and apply it to where the bleeding it. It stops almost instantly. If it doesn’t, just add a little more. They’ll be a little residue left behind. That’s okay though. It stopped the bleeding!

Grab a bottle of your own Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder on Amazon!

Epi-Pet Cleansing Agent Pet Shampoo

The grooming shop I work at has used the Epi-Pet Cleansing Agent Pet Shampoo for years. There’s no harsh smells. It’s hypoallergenic. It also has many uses. You can even heat it up to whiten a dogs coat! It works great to moisturize skin as well. It really will get a dog clean.

Plus, if you have a dog with sensitive skin it is helpful. It’s a brand many groomers recommend. I was lucky enough to meet some of the Epi-Pet representatives at the Atlanta Pet Fair one year. Very nice people!

Check out all the great features of the Epi-Pet Cleansing Agent Pet Shampoo.