Top Toy Picks: Dray’s Top 5!

Over the past 11 months, Dray’s top toy picks have varied. I have bought him some cool toys. Well, I thought they were cool. But, for the most part, I wasted money. Because, Dray’s toy expectations are not the same as mine. He enjoyed toys that I may have not picked. This experience has opened up my eyes. If I knew what I know now, money would have been saved. But, you live and you learn. Plus, let’s be honest. I may be guilty of purchasing, over the top toys in the future. Expensive toys that he will never be interested in. 

I’m that mom. I love the look of expensive wooden swing sets. The look of technology savvy toys for tots. But, I have to face reality. I’m not rich! If I noticed this reality earlier, I may have saved some money. I can’t tell you how many times I purchased an expensive toy for my children because of its popularity. Just for them to throw it to the side. What a bummer. Although they are small, children are little humans. They know what they like.

Haley wasn’t/isn’t quite as toy picky as Dray is. Dray’s top toy picks are different than my toy expectations. Ya know, the expensive ones. The ones I shouldn’t buy. So, I wanted to help those moms out there like me. Moms that may want to save a dime or two. I compiled a list of Dray’s 5 top toy picks. Ones that were unexpected.

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Dray’s 5 Top Toy Picks

VTech Learn & Dance Interactive Zoo

This little toy is packed with fun for little hands. Dray absolutely loves this toy. It has fun sounds and light. Plus, it’s not big at all. Meaning less room it takes up.

Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze

I don’t remember Haley being a fan of these. I think that’s because they are popular in pediatrician offices. We spent a lot of time in pediatrician offices when she was younger. But, Dray on the other hand, loves them. It’s nice that they sell smaller ones that you can use at home.

Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

This toy was a bit unexpected. He’s not too into gadgets. But, I guess he made an exception for this. He loves the VTech Turn and Learn Driver. Plus, it’s affordable, too!

VTech Adora-birdie Rattle

I don’t know what it is about this toy. But, Dray loves his VTech Adora-birdie Rattle! It doesn’t cost that much either.
Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo
top toy picks

Of course, the Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo is on the higher end. But, if you’re looking for an activity jumperoo for your little one, this is the way you should go! Dray absolutely loves his.

Are there any toys your little one loves? Let me know. I’m always looking for new activities to introduce Dray to!